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iClever is a company that offers, as they like to say it, cool electronics. Their product portfolio ranges from mice and computer peripherals to connectivity devices and car accessories. One of their latest products is the iClever Bluetooth speaker, which we have recently tested. It is an interesting product with a good price, so read this review to see what we've learned about the speaker and whether or not it's worth buying:

Unboxing The iClever Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The iClever speaker comes in a light blue cardboard box with the image of the product on the front. You can also see the name of the speaker - IC-BTS02.

iClever, IC-BTS02, bluetooth, speaker, review

The back of the box shows the full list of specifications and a short description of the product.

iClever, IC-BTS02, bluetooth, speaker, review

Once you open the box, you'll find the speaker in a plastic bag, along with the USB charging cable and a 3.5mm jack audio cable that you can use to connect the speaker to devices without Bluetooth connectivity.

iClever, IC-BTS02, bluetooth, speaker, review

Along with the product you'll find the user manual. The sample we received also included a warranty card from

Hardware Specifications

The IC-BTS02 uses a 45mm diameter speaker with a 2 Ohm impedance level and a 5 Watt RMS power. The Bluetooth connectivity is enabled by a Bluetooth CSR 4.0 chip which supports multiple protocols:

  • AD2P
  • HFE
  • HFP

The frequency response of the speaker lies in the 90Hz - 18KHz range and it's powered by a built-in 5000mAh Li-Polymer battery.

The device doesn't take up a lot of space, its dimensions being 64.5 x 64.5 x 70.1mm (LxWxH). That's 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.7 inches. IC-BTS02 weighs just 261 grams, making it easy to carry around.

The full set of specifications can be found here.

Using The IC-BTS02

The speaker has a very pleasant and elegant design, almost cubical, making it a nice addition for any kind of office space. The speaker grille faces upwards, which helps optimize the sound quality.

The speaker is enclosed in a glossy metal case which, although looks quite sleek, is also a fingerprint magnet.

On the front side of the speaker you'll see the iClever logo, right above the button used to accept phone calls or connect and disconnect Bluetooth devices. There's a LED inside the button that glows blue when the speaker is connected and flashes when you disconnect it. You also get an audio notification whenever you connect and disconnect the speaker.

iClever, IC-BTS02, bluetooth, speaker, review

The back side of the speaker is home to the micro-USB charging port and the 3.5mm audio connector. Between them you'll see a red LED that indicates the charging status.

iClever, IC-BTS02, bluetooth, speaker, review

What we didn't like so much about the IC-BTS02 was the placement of the buttons that control the music. They are located on the bottom side of the speaker, along with the On/Off switch. While this placement of the power switch is acceptable, having the music controls here is annoying, since you need to lift the speaker every time you want to play/pause or skip tracks. The Next/Previous buttons also double as volume controls.

iClever, IC-BTS02, bluetooth, speaker, review

We were very satisfied with the sound quality of the IC-BTS02. Both phone calls and songs were loud and clear and the level of distortion was minimal. We also liked the fact that the speaker automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of inactivity. This way it preserves the battery power, which is great.

The battery easily lasts up to ten hours of playback and recharges in about two to three hours.

Bluetooth pairing was fast and seamless. We tested the IC-BTS02 with a Nexus 5 smartphone running the latest version of Android. As soon as the smartphone detected the speaker we could select it from the list and the connection was done. If you turn the Bluetooth connection off on your smartphone, it will detect it automatically next time you turn it on, making the user experience very pleasant.

iClever, IC-BTS02, bluetooth, speaker, review

The built-in microphone is decent, but don't expect to make yourself heard from the opposite end of a room. The range is about two meters at most, so you'll need to be rather close to the speaker for the other person(s) to hear you.

Aside from the awkward placement of the volume/playback controls, there's really nothing we could blame iClever for. The overall user experience of this Bluetooth speaker is really great!

Product rating 4/5


iClever has managed to offer a quality product at a very fair and affordable price. The sound quality of the IC-BTS02 combined with the stylish design and great battery life make us recommend the device for those of you who want to listen to music from their smartphones or tablets and to those who need a quick solution for group calls. The IC-BTS02 will surely deliver a more than decent experience for both groups.

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