3 replies on Publishing And Sharing Windows Movie Maker Videos With OneDrive

  1. kj vohra says:

    i have tried to upload my movie album containing both photos and videos of my wife’s 50th birthday. the total size is about 290 mb. i have been unable to upload, could it be because of the size? is there any way i can upload the whole album without disturbing continuity? if this cant be done on windows moviemaker, is there any other optio you can suggest?

  2. Teri says:

    I downloaded several home movies, edited them and downloaded them to a dvd but cannot view them on a dvd player. Not sure what file to convert them to before loading on to dvd. any suggestions?

  3. KD says:

    I am getting this error while sharing the video or copying link of video. How do I share it? Please suggest.

    “The following problem occurred in your movie: (0x80860006)

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