How To Publish Your Pictures On Facebook Using Photo Gallery

Facebook has now become an important part of our lives. It keeps us connected with family and friends through photos, videos and other types of information. If you want to keep your Facebook profile up-to-date with your latest pictures, as easy and as quick as possible, you should use Microsoft's Photo Gallery. Instead of opening your browser, connecting to Facebook, and uploading each photo, you can upload them really quickly straight from Photo Gallery. Here's how it works:

Photo Gallery is a free tool that's included in the Windows Essentials suite offered by Microsoft. You can get it from here.

How To Connect Photo Gallery With Facebook

In order to publish your pictures to your Facebook profile, you should first connect Photo Gallery with Facebook. To do that, click the Facebook icon in the Share section of the Home tab.

Sign in with your Microsoft account. Type your username and password and press Sign in. This step won't be shown if you have already connected Photo Gallery with your Microsoft account.


NOTE: If you don't have a Microsoft account press Sign up and follow the steps in the account creation wizard.

A window is now shown where you can connect Facebook to your Microsoft account. You can choose to see your Facebook friends and their updates, photos and videos, chat with your friends and many other options. In order to be able to publish photos to Facebook, make sure that you check the box which says: "Publish photos and videos to Facebook and tag your Facebook friends". When done setting things up, press Connect Facebook.

Type your Facebook username and password and press Log in.

Now your Microsoft account and your Facebook account are connected. This means that you can also use the Photo Gallery application to upload pictures and videos to Facebook, straight from your computer.

How To Tag Facebook Friends In Your Pictures, Using Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery allows you to tag the people in your pictures. These tags will also appear when you publish them to Facebook. If you need help tagging your friends, please read our guide: How to tag people in Photos with Windows Photo Gallery.

When publishing a picture to Facebook, the tag will appear as any other tag on Facebook.

How To Add Captions To Pictures In Photo Gallery

Apart from tags, Photo Gallery allows you to add captions, geotags and descriptive tags to photos, which will appear on Facebook when posting pictures. To learn more about them, check this article: How to Edit Tags & Captions for Your Pictures in Windows Photo Gallery.

How To Upload Pictures On Facebook Using Photo Gallery

Once you have tagged your friends and added captions, it's time to publish your pictures on Facebook.

First, select the photos you wish to upload and press the Facebook button, in the Share section of the Home tab.

You'll be asked to select the location for the photos that you are about to upload. You can upload them into a new album or in an existing album. If you choose to place your photos in a new album, name the album, add a description, and choose to whom it will be visible.

If you want your photos to be uploaded to an existing album, select it in the list of existing albums. The confidentiality settings of that album will also apply to your newly uploaded pictures. After choosing the option you prefer, press Next.

Now you are asked to link your tags with the Facebook accounts of your friends, so that they are notified that you shared pictures in which they are tagged. The application will automatically suggest matching accounts for each tag and each picture. If the suggested account doesn't match with the actual person that you have tagged, select the correct Facebook account from the list and press Publish.

Your pictures are now uploaded to Facebook.

You are notified when the process is complete. If you want to see your pictures on Facebook, press View.


As you can see from this guide, Photo Gallery provides a quick way to upload pictures on Facebook with tags and captions included. If you're looking for other useful guides about using Photo Gallery, don't hesitate to read the articles recommended below.