Vote for the best antivirus product for Windows, in 2018

We have been reviewing security products for Windows since 2009. In all our reviews, we do our best to identify those products which provide the most effective protection against malware, network attacks and other types of threats, while being easy to use even for novices. This year too, we want to discuss the best antivirus products on the market and, to start the conversation, we need your vote. To make things even more interesting, we also have surprise prizes for those of you who participate in the public vote:

IMPORTANT: The public vote ends on April 16th, 2018. If you have not voted yet, do so now, so that you are included in our giveaway with surprise prizes, consisting of licenses for some of the antivirus products that we included in this year's shortlist.

Which are the best antivirus products for Windows in 2018?

If you have read our "Security for everyone" series, you noticed that we gave our highest rankings to only a few products. They are, in alphabetical order, the following:

Bitdefender Total Security has one of the best antivirus engines in the world, as well as a top of the line firewall and a range of additional tools, like solid parental controls, a secure file shredder or anti-theft features. This year, the company has decided to follow a recent trend in the industry, and bundle a limited VPN subscription, for increased privacy and security, when connected to untrusted networks. It complements the existing Wi-Fi Security Advisor very well, which checks the security of the wireless networks to which you connect to and lets you know if they are insecure.

BullGuard Premium Protection is a friendly security product with very competitive pricing. It looks good, it works well and it has a useful Home Network Scanner, that works as a watchdog for your home network. It keeps you informed about all the devices that are connected to your network, and especially those that expose your network to external threats. While it does not has its own firewall module, the enhancements it makes to the Windows Firewall, are very efficient.

ESET Smart Security Premium offers a great antivirus engine and an excellent firewall, as well as a good looking user interface that is easy to use both by beginners and experts. Its Home Network Protection feature shows a map of your network and all the devices that are part of it. With it, you can also audit your router's settings, from a security perspective, so that you can improve the way you set it.

F-Secure Total has a minimalistic user interface, with little in terms of advanced configuration. This product is mostly targeted at users who do not want to fiddle with advanced configuration features and want their antivirus to do the decision making for them. One of its best features is the F-Secure Freedome VPN service which has been evaluated by our team, as well as other experts, as one of the best VPN services on the market. What is even better is that this service is included in the price you pay for the security suite, with unlimited traffic.

G DATA Total Security is an old-school security suite, that offers high-quality antivirus protection. While its user interface is not great for devices with touch screens, you do get an efficient web shield that protects you from malicious websites, fast scanning for malware and efficient protection against most types of malware threats.

Kaspersky Total Security is an efficient security suite, packing excellent antimalware protection that is able to detect and clean even the nastiest malware infections. This antivirus product includes many extra tools that offer additional layers of protection like automatic software updates, data encryption, a secure file shredder, parental controls and a useful VPN service, for when you connect to untrusted networks.

While we tested most of the security products for Windows, we shortlisted only the ones we mentioned above, because they proved to be the most efficient in our testing. Other antivirus products for Windows consumers do not come close in terms of effectiveness and the quality of the user experience.

Vote for the best antivirus product of the year

Use the form below to cast your vote. You can choose only one product from our list of the best security products of the year, as identified by our editorial team. Pick the best product, based on your experience with the products that are finalists in this campaign, or based on the data that we have shared in our reviews.

When you cast your vote, please provide your real name and email address. We use this data for extracting the winners in the giveaway that will take place at the end of the public voting stage. We will use your contact details only to make sure that we can communicate with you, if you are one of the winners. This data will not be used for any other means.

If, for some reason, you cannot see the embedded form above, you can view it in your web browser, by following this link. Please cast your vote by Monday, April 16th, 2018.

Surprise prizes for those of you who participate in the public vote

We will announce the winner of the best security product of the year, as chosen by our readers, after the public voting ends on April 16th. At that time, we will also extract the winners of our giveaway.

We do not want to influence the public vote so we will not announce the prizes that we will be giving away. We can say only this:

  • We will give prizes to people who will be randomly chosen from the list of voters
  • We will give away licenses for some products that are in the list of finalists for the title of the best security product of the year
  • All the people who participate in the public vote are eligible to win, even if they voted for a different product than the one(s) that we are giving away
  • In order to be eligible to win, all you have to do is complete the form above using your real name and email address

Who do you think that will win and why?

Now that you have participated in this campaign and have cast your vote, do not close this article yet. Before you do, leave a comment and let us know who do you think will win this public vote. Why do you think that a certain product will win and not the other finalists?