What does it mean to use technology productively? How do you use devices and computers with Windows, Android, or iOS? Which gadgets make your work easier? How to personalize the operating system and the gadgets that you are using?

How to Work with Desktop Gadgets in Windows 7

  • tutorial
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 15.01.2010
Desktop Gadgets are not something new to the Windows world. They were first introduced in Windows Vista, where they were fitted on the Windows Sidebar. Even if the idea itself was good, it didn't have the success it might have deserved. With Windows 7, Microsoft...

The Complete Guide to the Windows 7 Start Menu

  • tutorial
  • George Grigoriţă
  • 18.08.2009
The Start Menu is one of the elements which remained unchanged for many versions of Windows. Windows Vista was the first to introduce some major redesign choices, some more inspired than others. Windows 7 marks another evolution but, this time, changes are more subtle. There...

How to Burn DVD's with Windows DVD Maker, in Windows 7

  • tutorial
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 08.07.2009
Windows DVD Maker has been introduced with Windows Vista and it continues to be present in Windows 7. Unlike with other tools in Windows 7, Windows DVD Maker doesn't have any new major features compared to its Windows Vista counterpart. The differences are cosmetic at...