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Privacy policy: the data we collect and how we use it

When you visit our website, the content on it is served using the Cloudflare CDN service, for improved speed and security. Cloudflare logs visitors' interactions to provide anonymous statistical reports, detect new threats and malicious third parties. They may share information about our visitors only when they have a reasonable belief that those visitors pose a security threat. You can learn more here: Cloudflare Privacy & Security Policy.


In order to monetize our work, we work with TotalMedia, Google AdSense, and other ad networks, to display ads. The ad networks collect data like your IP address and the pages you visit for statistics, data analysis, and ad personalization. You can view the privacy policy of TotalMedia, here. You can view Google's ad policy, here: Advertising - Privacy & Terms.


When you place a comment on Digital Citizen, we collect the name you provide (feel free to provide a fake name or a nickname), the comment you make, and the time when you submit it. Once your comment is submitted, it becomes public, and any of our readers can read it. If you want to modify a comment you made or delete it, contact us, and request the change you want.


We also offer an email newsletter that is sent either daily or weekly, based on your choice. When you subscribe to our newsletters, you need to provide an email address, your first name, and last name. That data is stored in the MailChimp service, and it is used only to contact you and send messages about our content. It is not sold or shared with any third party. Also, the data is protected with security measures like two-step verification. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters at any time, using the unsubscribe link at the end of each newsletter that we send. You can also update your subscription preferences, using a link that is found at the end of each newsletter. If you have problems or issues with our email newsletters, feel free to contact us directly.


Our website also uses cookies for analytics and other purposes. You can find our policies regarding cookies, here: Cookies on Digital Citizen.

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