10 replies on How to Print to a Shared Mac OS X Printer from Windows 7 & Windows 8

  1. Papagoejoe says:

    There is no need to use Bonjour.
    Just choose “Add printer” from Windows 7’s “Devices and printers” and choose Network printer… Then install drivers and print… Easy!

  2. Plauku laminavimas says:

    Thank you. It working for me!!!

  3. basilmir says:

    Works in VirtualBox xp guest to print to os x host. yeeey!!!

  4. BLKnight says:

    I have done this but only spits out blank pages. Canon MG5320 on Mac Mini Snow Leopard and Win 7 pro with printer installed through network. Printer drivers are installed. All look fine, except the blank pages.

  5. rob G says:

    Thanks very much! After hours of typical windows crap, this worked perfectly first time! THANK YOU!

  6. Andy MacRae says:

    Tried the windows route and it was of no use to me. I have just followed your Bonjour procedure to print from Windows 7 to a printer shared via a Mac and it works perfectly. Thanks!
    Just one note, if you have a network extender be sure to choose the same network as the Mac the printer is shared on. If you don’t you will not see the shared printer.

  7. SJ says:

    It works perfectly for the printer function, but it will not see my scanner (HP 7510). Any suggestions?

  8. Daniel Hunt says:

    When I click finish in the Bonjour Print Wizard, it looks like it’s working, but then shortly after gives the massage “You do not have sufficient access to your computer to connect to the selected printer.” I’ve tried connecting to the HomeGroup on my windows, and tried turning on Internet Sharing on the Mac and enabled Printer Sharing, but still can’t get it to get past this message. Anyone have any other ideas?

  9. Basilmir says:

    Try to start the Bonjour Print Wizzard by right clicking on it and selecting Run as Administrator.

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