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  1. Corrine says:

    The Command Prompt series is great! It is my favorite (as you know, Ciprian: Command Prompt Series, 7Tutorialsl )

  2. Corrine says:

    You’re welcome, Ciprian. I have a lot of respect for the incredible efforts you and the 7Tutorials Team put into the tutorials.

  3. kzinti1 says:

    How much longer will this site be up since you’re ending your articles?
    And why? What suddenly brought this on?
    Have you nothing more to teach us about Windows 7?

    • Ciprian says:

      I think you misunderstood our survey. We did not say we are ending our articles in general. We said we are considering ending the Genuine Help series, which can be found by accessing the “Genuine Help” button on the top menu.
      And also, as a result of the survey, our reader’s opinion was not to stop that series. Therefore we decided to continue it and re-invent it for next year. That’s all.

      We will keep delivering tutorials on an ongoing basis.

  4. Brian says:


    I have been trying to learn all I can about the Command Prompt, but with each version of Windows it keeps changing! Many commands I learned in W98 for example, don’t work in W7.

    But now I think I may have found the way out of this problem: POWER SHELL.

    This, new, I think replacement seems like it will be around quite awhile without major changes.

    If this is right I would think this would provide the basis for a long series of article on the subject.

    I hope you can begin such coverage.


  5. Alzaman says:

    I have been using the command prompt for many years, and though i was aware of most commands, the commands such as tasklist, diskpart and even simplistic commands like getmac are an utter godsend now that i’ve been made aware of them.

    A goldmine of a site.

    Many Thanks

  6. KABay says:

    And Microsoft said DOS wasn’t in Windows anymore. People have just forgotten about the Command Window. I am an OLD command line user and have always kept a shortcut to it on my desktop. Old habits die hard. I even still write batch files regularly. But now I am learning Powershell because it is the first scripting language in about 15 years worth learning because it works everywhere and lets you do anything.

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