Next Week - Free Webcast about Windows 8, with Ciprian Rusen

Next week, on October 31st, I will hold a free webcast, organized together with O’Reilly Media. The webcast is named "8+ Features You Will Love to Use in Windows 8" and it aims to shed light about some of the less known but awesome features included in Windows 8.

How to Register

The webcast will take place at 10 AM Pacific Time. This means: 1pm - New York | 5pm - London | 7 pm - Bucharest | 10:30pm - Mumbai or Thu, Nov 1st at 1am - Manilla | 4am - Sydney | Thu, Nov 1st at 2am - Tokyo.

You can register for free, using the event page found here: 8+ Features You Will Love to Use in Windows 8.

At the end of the webcast there will be a brief Q&A where I will answer your questions about Windows 8 and, participant who stay until the end will have the chance to win also a surprise prize.