How to login to your Microsoft account without a password, using your smartphone

Microsoft has introduced a new way of signing into your Microsoft account that doesn't involve typing your password. All you have to do is approve the sign in on your smartphone, after entering your email address. This feature works when using the Microsoft Authenticator app for Android and iOS. Here's how to stop using passwords for your Microsoft account and rely on your smartphone instead:

NOTE: The Microsoft Authenticator app for Windows 10 Mobile doesn't offer the feature covered in this tutorial. Microsoft has made it available for Android and iOS users.

Step 1. Install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone

To sign into your Microsoft account without a password, you need to install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone. If you are using Android, you can find it here. If you are using iOS, you will find it here.

Step 2. Add your Microsoft account to the Microsoft Authenticator app

Now you have to add your Microsoft account to the Authenticator app. You will find complete step-by-step instructions for doing that, in this tutorial: Approve or deny sign-in requests to your Microsoft account using Android.

Step 3. Sign into your Microsoft account and enable the login without a password

You can finally allow logins to your Microsoft account without a password. If you don't do this step, Microsoft will continue requesting the password so make sure you go ahead and follow our instructions.

Now, open a web browser in private mode. Then, go and press "Sign in with Microsoft."

Enter the e-mail address of your Microsoft account, your phone number or Skype username. Then, press Next.

At this step, Microsoft asks for your password, like it always did. Instead of entering it, click or tap the link that says "Use Microsoft Authenticator app instead."

Now, Microsoft displays a number on the screen and asks you to approve the sign in on your smartphone. Remember the number that is shown.

Go to your smartphone, and you see a notification from the Microsoft Authenticator app. Tap on it.

The Microsoft Authenticator app is opened. Here you see the request to approve the sign in from your web browser. Tap the number that is displayed in your web browser and then Approve.

Depending on how you have set up the security on your smartphone, you may be requested to enter the PIN that you have set for your smartphone in Android or iOS. If you have a fingerprint scanner on your smartphone, you can also place your finger on it, and then the login to your Microsoft account is approved.

Go back to your web browser and use your Microsoft account. From now on, each time you sign into your Microsoft account, you receive a notification in the Microsoft Authenticator app, and you can approve it from there, without entering your password.

What do you think about this new way of signing into your Microsoft account?

We like it when Microsoft innovates and tries to make the user experience both easier and more secure. Try this feature and let us know how well it works for you. Do you enjoy this new way of logging into your Microsoft account? Do you consider it more secure than entering your password? Share your view in the comments below.