Learn When OneDrive Last Synchronized Your Files & Force a Manual Sync

Even though I like the OneDrive service and I use it a lot in Windows 8.1, there are a few quirks that I have trouble with. One of it is the fact that it is difficult to figure out how to convince OneDrive to manually synchronize your files right now, without waiting for it to discover your newly added files in a couple of minutes. Another quirk is that sometimes you need to know when it performed the last synchronization so that you have an idea whether it has synchronized the latest files you have added or not. Here’s how to do both these things without having to waste time figuring out how to do them on your own.

How to Learn When Your OneDrive Files Were Last Synchronized?

Open the OneDrive app in Windows 8.1 and on its start page, look for a link that says "All files are up to date".

You will find it in the upper-right corner of the window.

This takes you to the screen named Progress where you can see whether there are any pending actions and whether all actions are complete. If there are no pending actions, OneDrive will say that it was last updated 5 minutes ago.

How to Manually Synchronize Your OneDrive Files in Windows 8.1

If you want to force OneDrive to manually start the synchronization of your files without waiting for it to trigger this process automatically, then press the Sync button. OneDrive will start checking for changes and it will automatically upload and/or download the appropriate files.

When the update process is over, you are informed that "All actions are complete" and you are shown how long ago the update process was finished.


I hope you have found this guide useful. If there are any quirks related to OneDrive that you need help with, let us know using the comments form below. We will do our best to help.