How To Install Add-ons In Internet Explorer 11

In one of our recent articles we demystified the Internet Explorer add-ons and what they do, and now is time to show you where you can download them and how to install such add-ons on your computer. Let's begin:

Standalone Add-ons - Not Distributed By Microsoft

First of all, we would like to highlight the fact that many add-ons for Internet Explorer 11 are not actually distributed by Microsoft. For example, you have plugins for browsing the Internet and playing different types of media, such as: Flash Player, Java, Silverlight, etc. All these 'add-ons' will be found on the website of their manufacturer.

Another common type of add-ons are toolbars. Some of them are found in the Internet Explorer gallery of add-ons, while others are distributed together with other applications or as standalone setup packages.

There are also extensions (like the ones in Firefox or Chrome), which provide very useful functions. Some of them might be distributed separately, by their provider, and cannot be found in the gallery maintained by Microsoft. A very famous example is LastPass. Their Internet Explorer version of the extension is included in the LastPass Universal Windows Installer, which needs to be downloaded and installed separately.

Internet Explorer Gallery - Add-ons Distributed By Microsoft

All add-ons that are distributed by Microsoft can be found in the Internet Explorer Gallery webpage. The Internet Explorer Gallery is for Internet Explorer what the Chrome Web Store is for the Google Chrome browser.

Now, let's learn how to use this webpage. Don't rush to click on things! Pay attention to the language shown in the top-right side of the page. Add-ons listed on the website are automatically filtered according to the language shown there. Therefore, if United States (English) is selected, you will get a different list than when France (Français) is selected, for example.

The content of this page is organised in three categories:

  1. Pinned Sites - In this section you'll find the most popular sites depending on what language you have chosen at the previous step, which can be pinned on your Windows 8.1 start screen. For the English language you'll find websites like Facebook, MSN, Amazon or Bing, and for French you'll find Le Monde, L'Equipe, Le Figaro, and so on.
  2. Add-ons - If you click it you'll see all add-ons in the gallery. We don't know why but the number of add-ons was considerably reduced so now, the add-ons section has only 20 items. Here you'll find Adblock Plus, Flash Player, YouTube, and so on.
  3. Tracking Protection Lists - In this section you'll find some security products.

How To Install Add-ons In Internet Explorer 11

NOTE: For this guide we'll use the Adblock Plus add-on, but the process is the same up to a point, for all add-ons in the list.

First, expand the Add-ons section by clicking or taping it.

Now that the all add-ons are in front of you, choose one of them and click or tap it. Of course, as we said we'll choose Adblock Plus.

Next, press the Add to Internet Explorer button.

This is the step that differs from one add-on to another. For Adblock Plus you have to confirm your acquisition. In order to continue press Run and go on with the process.

Conclusion - Add-ons Worth Installing?

Now that you know how to install add-ons for Internet Explorer 11, the next logical step is to find some add-ons worth installing. For more articles on Internet Explorer, check out some of our related guides and if you have any suggestions, questions or problems, do not hesitate to use the comments form below.