How To Use HERE Drive+ For Windows Phone To Find Your Parked Car

When you drive to a location for the first time, it's possible that you forget where you parked your car. Fortunately, Here Drive + for Windows Phone has an interesting feature called Find my car, which automatically saves the location of your parked car on the map and helps you find your way back to it later. This is one of the greatest features of this app and in this article you will learn how to use it. Let's get started:

How To Find Your Car If You Forgot Where You've Parked It

Here Drive + for Windows Phone automatically updates your car's location whenever the app is running and your driving speed exceeds 15 km/h (almost 10 mph), so you don't have to set your car's location by yourself. Just keep the app running as you park so the location is accurately saved. The feature is currently in beta, which means that it's not perfect and its creators are still working on it.

If you want to find your parked car, just go the main menu of the app and tap Find my car.

Now, the app will display the distance to your car. You can tap point me there and the app will point towards your car. Then, walk in the direction shown on the screen until you reach your car.

Another option is to tap Walk there. Here Maps for Windows Phone will open and it will share the directions for getting to your car.

If you tap the menu found at the bottom of the screen, it will expand and display more options.

The first option, add & see details allows you add details about the place where you parked your car and see them later, when you try to find your way back to it.

The second option, share car location, allows you to share your car location via email or sms to any contact.

The third option, pin to start, allows you to pin the car's location on the Start screen so you can access it quickly afterwards.


As you can see the Find my car feature does most of the work by itself. All you have to do is to keep the app running on your Windows Phone device, while you park. Note that, if you park your car in an underground parking lot, the GPS chip won't be able to save the location accurately. Even if the feature is not perfect, you can try it to see how it works. Tell us what you think about this feature and read our other articles on the Here Drive + app for Windows Phone.