How To Use HERE Drive+ To Download Maps And Navigate Offline

Here Drive+ is a really great GPS navigation app, that has a lot of features, it's well organized and free. One of its most helpful features is the fact that you can use it to navigate offline. That is, of course, if you first download the maps you need. In this article, we will show you how to use the offline mode and how to download maps, so that you'll be able to use HERE Drive+ even if you travel to areas with no mobile network coverage, or you just don't want to use your data plan. Let's go:

How To Download Maps Using Here Drive+

For some users it is essential that they can use a navigation app without a data connection, especially if the data plan is quite expensive or they need to drive in an area with no mobile coverage. Here Drive+ offers you the opportunity to use this app not only online, but also offline.

However, before you hit the road, you need to make sure you have downloaded the right maps. Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, because maps tend to be quite large. To download a new map, go to the main menu of the HERE Drive+ app and tap Settings.

Next, tap Map options from the settings list.

In the Map Options screen, tap Manage maps.

Now, tap download new maps.

A screen with your downloaded maps will open. Tap add from the lower menu.

You now have to select a continent, a country and, if necessary, a region. Wait for your map to finish downloading and then you can start using it offline.

How To Navigate Offline Using Here Drive+

To toggle between the online and offline mode, go back to the main menu and tap Internet connection.

Now, switch off the Internet connection option. Note that the search results you'll get when looking for a destination might be limited in offline mode and some features, such as live traffic updates, need an Internet connection in order to work.

If you choose to navigate in offline mode, HERE Drive+ will always display this information on the screen for every route you follow.

And now, all that remains for you to do is tap the Start button and hit the road! :)


As you've seen, downloading maps and using them to navigate offline is both easy and straightforward if you use the HERE Drive+ app. Doing so enables you to navigate even if you don't have mobile coverage in the areas you're going through, but also helps you save your data plan. If you have any question regarding this app don't hesitate to share them with us in the comments below.