How To Use Dropbox On Your Windows Phone Smartphone

Dropbox is a very popular cloud storage service, which lets you store, access and share your files from almost everywhere. All you have to do is sign up for their services and become the owner of a Dropbox account. Then, you install and use one of the applications that they offer for all the major mobile platforms, including Windows Phone. This tutorial is going to show what you can do with the Dropbox app for Windows Phone. Let's get started:

How To Download And Install Dropbox For Windows Phone 8.1

In order to get the Dropbox app on your Windows Phone, start by opening the Store. Then, search for "dropbox".

The first result you get should be the Dropbox official app. Tap its name, select install and wait for it to be downloaded and installed on your Windows Phone.

When the installation is done, you'll find the Dropbox app listed in your Windows Phone Apps screen.

How To Connect And Browse Your Dropbox Account

When you open Dropbox for the first time, you get a short welcoming presentation. Just flick the screen to the right a few times and it's done. After that, you can either choose to create a new Dropbox account or you can simply Sign in, if you already own an account.

On the Sign In To Dropbox screen, enter your email address and your password and tap next.

Wait for the app to connect to your Dropbox account. Once it does, you immediately see everything you have stored on your Dropbox account.

If you want to browse one of your folders or open any of your files, all you have to do is tap on that item.

The Dropbox app is split into three main sections: Files, Photos and Favorites. To access any of these sections, tap their icons from the top menu bar.

Files, the first section, is the default view of the Dropbox app. It lets you see, browse and open every folder or file you stored in your Dropbox account, no matter if it's one of your folders, a folder shared with you by someone else or a file of any type.

The second section, the Photos screen, displays all the pictures stored on your Dropbox account, no matter which folder they're in.

And the final section, Favorites, lists all your favorite files. These are files of any kind, that you selected as favorites and, as a consequence, are all saved locally onto your Windows Phone.

How To Create Folders In The Dropbox App

While on the Files screen, tap the create button, from the bottom menu.

Enter the name of the new folder and then tap Enter or OK to create it.

How To Upload Pictures To Your Dropbox

The app also lets you upload pictures from your Windows Phone to your Dropbox account. In order to do that, switch to the Files screen and browse to the folder in which you want to upload pictures. Then, tap the upload button from the bottom menu.

Your phone now opens the Choose picture screen, from where you can select the picture to upload. Once you tap a picture from your smartphone, its upload process immediately begins.

How To Share Folders Or Files From The Windows Phone Dropbox App

The Dropbox app also includes a sharing feature, which you can use to give access to your files, to other people.

In order to share a folder or file from your Dropbox, switch to the Files screen and tap and hold on its name, until a contextual menu is displayed. Then, tap share.

Another way to do it is to first select the folder or file you want to share. You can do that by tapping to its left side. Then, on the bottom menu you'll find a new button, called share. Tap it.

No matter the method you chose, you will now see a menu with a few sharing options for your folder or file.

The first option lets you send a link so that the people you select next can access your folder or file. If you choose this option, Dropbox will allow you to send the link using any app installed on your Windows Phone that offers sharing options.

The second option is copy link and it copies the sharing link for your folder or file to the clipboard so that you can then paste it wherever you want, be it an email, a messaging app or any other place.

And the third and final option is shared folder settings. It allows you to see and manage the people with whom you shared this folder or file. Also, if you've selected a folder that isn't yours, but it was shared with you by someone else, you can use the option leave folder to renounce your sharing access.

How To Share Multiple Pictures With Dropbox

In order to share pictures, you can always follow the steps we mentioned in the previous section of this tutorial. However, in case you want to share more than one picture in one go, there is another faster way.

Switch to the Pictures screen and tap the select button from the bottom menu.

Select all the pictures you want to share, by tapping them on the screen.

When you selected every picture you want to share, look at the bottom menu. You'll notice that a new share button appeared. Tap it and you'll get the same sharing options we've talked about in the previous section of this tutorial: send a link and copy link.

How To Move Or Rename Folders And Files From Dropbox

In order to move or rename a folder or file tap its name until the contextual menu is displayed. Then, tap the action you want to perform.

If you want to move an item, on the next screen, you select its new location and tap OK.

If you want to rename, enter the item's new name and tap Enter or OK.

How To Add Files To Your Favorites In The Dropbox App

To include one of your files into the Favorites section, simply tap and hold it until the contextual menu is displayed. Then, tap favorite.

The file will be marked as favorite and, as result, it will be stored locally on your Windows Phone, so that it will always be accessible, even when you're not connected to the Internet.


The Dropbox app for Windows Phone offers everything you need in order to access, share and manage the data you store using their cloud services. It's easy to use, it has a really nice user interface and it's very responsive. What do you think about about the Dropbox app? Are there other features you'd like added to it?