12 replies on How to Use Desktop Gadgets in Windows 8 with 8GadgetPack

  1. Albert Kolkin says:

    I cannot get it to work. I repeatedly get the error message that the system Administrator is required even though I am the Administrator.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      When do you get this error? What exactly are you trying to do?

    • Cristian Rios says:

      You guys should try Rainmeter. It’s much more flexible, has very few errors, and you can download different themes for it from many sources on the internet. I have my desktop half full with the gadgets. You just have to learn some terminology and you’ll be up and running!

  2. Michael Brulotte says:

    I can’t get this to work, either. It seems to install correctly, but then I get this error message when I try to run the program: “Windows Desktop Gadgets has stopped working.” Any thoughts? I’ve done all the basic troubleshooting already—uninstalling, re-installing, restarting, uninstalling antivirus programs, etc.

  3. Albert Kolkin says:

    try to download this version and let me know if it helped:

    You may need to try to download multiple times. Server goes down often.
    It was offered to me by the developer as a fix to my problem. It really is a great product when it works.

  4. Michael Brulotte says:

    Thanks, Albert! I’ve had no luck with that link yet—it just goes to a 404 error page with ads on it—so I guess you’re right about that server going down often. But I’ll keep trying! I miss those gadgets.

  5. author says:

    8Gadgetpack isn’t based on Windows Vista Gadgets version!
    The sidebar is an own gadget, completely new developed and can be turned off easily. You also can still move gadgets onto your desktop.

  6. simon says:

    i’m also getting the same error when i’m trying to download thatt gadget pack

  7. Jim says:

    I had no problem downloading and installing 8GadgetPack, but it subsequently just stopped working. It worked perfectly at first but suddenly stopped and now won’t work at all. It may have been a coincidence, but it seemed to stop working as soon as I installed the driver for my webcam. Uninstalling and reinstalling has not worked, either. If anyone knows a fix for this problem, please post the solution, as I really miss my gadgets!

    • Al Kolkin says:

      I have to say that I am always installing lots of different drivers and nothing seems to affect EXCEPT every once in a while, right after restarting Windows, I get the notice that the gadgets have stopped workin, checking etc. After I right click on the desktop and click on gadgets, they all restart. It is rare, but regular.

      Have you written to the developer?

  8. Pamela Perkins says:

    Hello, I just got a new computer with Windows 8 and after searching around on the internet for something similar to the Gadgets in Windows 7, I came across 8GadgetPack and was able to install it with no problem. The gadgets work great, BUT when I go to the Modern UI Start Screen, all of my Modern Tiles are gone. I know that they are still there, but I can’t see them. Even though I prefer working from my Desktop, I still wanted to be able to go to the Modern Start Screen and play with those tiles and get more comfortable with using them. Does anyone know what happened and how to show those tiles again? I know that it is because of downloading 8GadgetPack because when I first log onto my computer and before the gadgets have a chance to boot-up, I get onto my Start Screen and they are there, but when my gadgets boot-up, they disappear. Can someone please help me with this problem? I really like to have my gadgets back, but I also want to be able to access my live tiles as well.

  9. Thant Cin says:

    I got this warning while installing the 8gadget pack. The message is “The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStartMenuPrograms8GadgetPack. The installation cannot continue. Log on as administrator or contact your system administrator.” How do i install it? Before i install 8 gadget pack, i uninstalled the original version of 8gadgetpack. Plz help me.

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