10 replies on How to use Cortana with a local user account in Windows 10

  1. Jay says:

    I don’t have the option to log into Cortana (using app only). Any idea why that option would be missing?

  2. Brian says:

    This is a well written article, thank you for posting it. However I am disappointed that in the last statement you are commending Microsoft on listening to it’s user feedback and allowing Cortana to work without the complete OS signing into a Microsoft Account. I would much rather see Cortana work solely internally on my OS than communicating with Microsoft at all. I guess there’s no Cortana on my systems, sad..

  3. Jacoby says:

    Total nonsense! Commending MS for this sort of invasiveness?? Absolutely no reason to require account information to use what is essentially a souped up search engine. No interest in being a data collection bonanza for MicroSlut. They can keep their Cortana. Use Duck Duck Go and let these corporations monetize someone else.

  4. bullshit says:

    i baught 2 exact same computers. one Cortana works with without any account you mention and the second computer Cortana is not working with out this “sign in” complete bullshit and a crystal clear display of typical Microsoft nonsense and bullshit, among privacy invasion violations and scamful illegal tracking,

  5. Akhil says:

    Hey! i am unable to find the option “sign in with local account instead”.

  6. Dan K says:

    Having to have a Microsoft account is bull. Consumers have to share enough information day to day than have to yet give it to someone else who will probably get hacked and information stolen.

  7. Anonymous says:

    how do you use Cortana fully if you don’t have a Microsoft account?

  8. Mixail says:

    Well, Cortana wont even show up on my computer.

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