How to Uninstall a Windows 7 Display Language with Vistalizator

It is time to continue our series on working with display languages by showing how to remove a display language installed using the Vistalizator tool. As you will see in this tutorial, the procedure is not very complicated. To learn all the required steps, click to read more.

Step 1: Switch to a Display Language You Want to Keep Using

Before removing a display language, you need to change to another display language. You can do this directly from Vistalizator.

Start the application and select the display language you want to use. Then, click on Change language.


You are informed that you need to exit the program so that the system is restarted and the change applied. Click OK.


Click the Exit button in the Vistalizator window.

You are now informed that the system will be restarted to apply the changes. Close the applications running on your computer and any open documents you might have. Then, click on Yes.


The system is restarted. When you log back in, the display language is changed according to the selection you made in Vistalizator.

NOTE: If you installed the display language you want to keep by using methods or tools other than Vistalizator, chances are that language won't show up on the list of available options in Vistalizator. In this scenario you need to change the display language using the built-in Windows 7 functionality. To learn how to do this, read the 'Change the Display Language' section found in the second half of this tutorial: Install and Change to a New Display Language in Windows 7 Ultimate & Enterprise.

Step 2: Uninstall Display Languages

Once you have switched to a a display language you want to keep using, it is time to start the uninstallation process. First, start the Vistalizator application.

From the list of installed languages, select the one you want to remove. Then, click 'Remove language'.


You are asked to confirm your choice. Click Yes.


The removal process of the selected language is now starting. The process takes a while and, until it ends, you are shown a progress bar.


Once the removal is finished, you are back to the main window of Vistalizator. On the bottom-left a message is shown, stating that the display language was uninstalled successfully.


If you have other display languages to remove, repeat the process. When done, click on Exit.

The display language is now uninstalled from your Windows 7.


As you can see from this tutorial, the procedure for removing display languages with Vistalizator is short and simple. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask using the comment form below.

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