How to Transfer Files to Others, with Bluetooth, from Windows Phone

Bluetooth is one of the most popular ways of transferring files between mobile devices, whether they are smartphones, tablets or other types devices. The procedure for sharing the files found on your Windows Phone via Bluetooth is a bit lengthy but not very difficult. If you want to successfully transfer files via Bluetooth, from your Windows Phone, read this guide to learn how to do it.

NOTE: If you need a refresher about what Bluetooth is and how this technology works, don't hesitate to read this guide: What is Bluetooth & How to Get it on Your Computer?. If you want to connect your Windows Phone with a Windows 8 PC or Tablet, read this complete step by step guide: How to Connect a Windows 8 PC with a Windows Phone 8 via Bluetooth.

How to Pair a Windows Phone with Another Smartphone via Bluetooth

To begin, you will have to make sure that the receiving smartphone is ready for pairing. This means that it will have Bluetooth turned on and is visible to nearby Bluetooth devices, including your Windows Phone.
If you are using an Android or iOS device, you should open its system settings and search for Bluetooth. Then, look for an On/Off switch and activate Bluetooth. Also, if you see an option for setting your device to be "Visible to nearby Bluetooth devices", turn that on too.
In the screenshot below, you can see an example of how it looks like on an Android device.

Now, let's activate Bluetooth on your Windows Phone device. Switch to the Apps screen, and then tap Settings.

Scroll downwards until you see the Bluetooth shortcut and tap on it.

To make your Windows Phone visible and have it search for other Bluetooth devices, turn On the Status switch.

Beneath the switch, you see a list with all the Bluetooth devices it discovered. Locate the device you want to connect to and tap its name to initiate the connection.

Windows Phone automatically generates a random PIN. You have to check whether both your devices display the same PIN (code). If they do, tap OK on both.

Your devices are now paired (connected) via Bluetooth and you can transfer files between them.

How to Transfer all Kinds of Files via Bluetooth, from Your Windows Phone

After pairing the two devices via Bluetooth, you can start transferring all kinds of files. To start the transfer process on your Windows Phone, open the app where the file(s) you want to share is stored. To exemplify how this works, I will show you how to transfer photos.
Start by opening the Photos app. Browse and find the picture you want to send over Bluetooth. Then, tap to open it.

On the bottom menu, tap the more button.

In the contextual menu being displayed, tap share.

Then, tap Bluetooth as the method for sharing the opened picture.

A new screen is opened, asking you to "Choose Bluetooth Device". Tap the device to which you want to send your file.

NOTE: At this step, if you haven't previously paired the device you want to send to, you will get a message saying "Pairing required" and you are given further instructions on how to make this pairing. Please follow these instructions in order for the process to work.

On the other device, you will have to accept the transfer. If all works well and your devices are paired, the transfer begins. On the top side of the screen, you will see the percentage of data that has been transferred so far.

If you choose to tap this progress bar, the Sharing screen is displayed. If all goes well, you can watch the data being transferred.

If an error occurs, you will see a small status message being displayed, telling you that "Attention is required. Tap here."

Tap it and you will see a message saying that "Sharing stopped". If you want to, you can choose to retry.

If the file was successfully transferred, Windows Phone 8 displays a "Transfer complete" notification.

The process for sending files is similar to what I have shared in this section. The only difference is that, depending on the type of file you want to transfer, you need to first open the app where that file is found and start the sharing process from there.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you have problems or questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment and we will do our best to advise you.