How to Share Pictures from the OneDrive App in Windows Phone 8.1

OneDrive is probably the most important app on your Windows Phone, and certainly a very useful one. One of the things you can do with it is to share with others the pictures you've taken using your smartphone. Its easy to do, fun and useful. Let's see how it all works.

NOTE: Starting with Windows Phone 8.1, the OneDrive app is pre-installed on your Windows Phone. We're assuming that you already know about its basic features, like: creating a folder, uploading a file, etc. If not, please read this guide: How to Use the OneDrive App to Manage Your Files in Windows Phone 8.1.

How to Share Pictures With the OneDrive App

First, browse to the picture you would like to share using the OneDrive app.

Open it by tapping its thumbnail (in album view) or its name, if the folder is shown as a list:

After the image opens, tap it briefly, to see the app bar at the bottom, then touch the share button (the three dots in a circle).

Another way to access the Sharing screen is this: open the OneDrive app and browse to the picture you want to share. Instead of tapping on it, simply press and hold on it for a few moments. The image is selected (1) and the share button (2) from the app bar will now lead to the sharing options screen.

Either way, you will get to the Sharing screen, where you have four picture sharing related choices: invite people, share a link, send files and "view people shared with".

How to Invite People to View your Pictures Using the OneDrive App

If you tap invite people, you will need to select a contact or you can simply type an e-mail address on the top line. Then you can select the desired options, allowing or not the recipient to edit the shared file and choosing whether the person must sign in or not to OneDrive to see the picture:

The final step consists in tapping the checkmark button in the app bar. While the email - which is automatically created in background - is sent to the specified contact(s), the file permissions are updated on OneDrive:

The people you decided to share your picture with will receive an email with a link to view it on OneDrive:

How to Share a Link to Your Picture(s) using the OneDrive App

The second option on the Sharing screen allows you to send or share a link using any compatible app installed on your phone. The two links shown on this screen will grant the corresponding permissions to the recipients, view only or edit, allowing them to simply view or to view and edit the shared picture.

When you tap one of the links above, the link is copied to the clipboard. Next the sharing apps list is displayed, where you can pick the app you want to use to share the picture:

If you select an email account from the list, for instance, the link is inserted into the message:

How to Send Your Picture(s) using the OneDrive App

The third option in the Sharing screen is to send the picture(s) from within the app. This will download the picture(s) to your phone and will allow you to send it as an attachment. The screenshots below will show some typical sharing options:

  • Sending pictures by email - type your message and press the send button.
  • Sending picture(s) to a Facebook post - type a message and press the post button.
  • Sending pictures to OneNote - add your notes, if you want to, and everything will be saved into OneNote.

How to Manage Access Permissions for Your Shared Picture(s) using the OneDrive App

The fourth option, "view people shared with", will allow you to see who has access to your picture and change their permissions individually or globally, for all users. You will also be able to add more people to the list of persons your picture is shared with.

You can add people to this list by tapping the + button on the app bar.

Then, edit the permissions for that user.

You can also revoke viewing permission for all users, using the remove permission option. To apply your settings, don't forget to tap OK.


Sharing images with other people using the OneDrive app has been streamlined in Windows Phone 8.1 to be a simple and fun task. If you have any questions or problems related to this guide, don't hesitate to share them via the comments form below.