How To Set The App List In Windows Phone To Be Grouped By Letters

Some of our readers asked us how to enable the feature in Windows Phone that will cause your apps to group alphabetically in the Apps list so that you can reach them easily. What was strange was that other users had this feature enabled automatically and they didn't know how to disable it. In this article we will show you how to activate or deactivate this option and what you should do so you don't lose all your important data.

What Is The Alphabetical App Grouping In Windows Phone?

The alphabetical app grouping is a feature that was introduced by Microsoft in Windows Phone 8 and arranges all your apps by letters, as shown in the screenshot below.

If you want to jump to an app whose name starts with I, you tap the A letter, open the list with with all letters of the alphabet, tap I and access the apps that start with I. If the tile of a letter is dark, it means that you don't have any apps which start with that letter.

This feature is very useful if you have lots of apps installed and it is much faster than scrolling through the Apps list.

How To Activate Or Deactivate The Alphabetical App Grouping

Now that you have learned what the alphabetical app grouping is in Windows Phone and how it works, you may want to activate it on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't provide a setting that you can use to enable or disable this feature. This feature is activated automatically by Windows Phone if you have more than 50 apps installed. If you have fewer than 50 apps installed, you just need to install more apps in order to activate it. Sounds stupid, doesn't it? Unfortunately this is what you have to do. However, after the alphabetical app grouping is activated, you can uninstall the apps that you don't need and this feature will remain turned on even if you will end up having less than 50 apps installed. If you need some help learning how to remove apps from your Windows Phone, read this guide: How to Uninstall Apps & Games From Your Windows Phone.

If you want to deactivate this feature, you can't do it without causing yourself a headache. You have to reset your Windows Phone, lose all your data, configure it again and make sure that you install fewer than 50 apps.


We think that the alphabetical app grouping is useful when dealing with many apps on your Windows Phone. However, it would have been nice on Microsoft's part to make it a feature that you can optionally enable or disable, depending on the user's preference. Before you close this article don't hesitate to share with us what you think about this feature and Microsoft's approach.