18 replies on How to Set Up an Ad Hoc Wireless Computer-to-Computer Network in Windows 7

  1. Vic says:

    Useful article 🙂

  2. Jack B. says:

    Ad hoc wireless computer-to-computer networks plus Internet sharing saved my life last week when I was stuck in an apartment with Time Warner Cable (which doesn’t allow you to use non-approved wireless routers). Turned my EEE PC running Windows 7 into a router and hopped on the Internet with my Macbook. It was splendid.

  3. help says:

    Please help me. Everytime i create a new set up a new connection or network, the message “It might take up to 90 seconds seconds for unconfigured device on your network to appear” is always displayed. But no Option for “Set up a wireless ad hoc” is appears. Please help me. BTW, i am using Windows 7 Starter. thanks!

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      I don’t think Windows 7 Starter includes the functionality required for you to create ad-hoc networks.

    • yusef says:


      go to device manager (in control panel) and then click on network adapters. see which one is yellow and then right click and select “enable”. probably your wireless network adapter is disabled.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try typing “adhoc” in the start menu

  4. niko says:

    i can make a adhoc connection in windows 7 and i can share internet on them but i can,t connect to this network whit macboook pro (mc373)
    please help me!!!!!!!!

  5. sudha s. says:

    How do the 2nd computer be named? How does it be identified by the first computer which we entered as WPA2-Personal?

  6. Master Mind says:

    I successfully managed to get Home Network profile by manually assigning IP to both my laptops.After creating Adhoc network as usual disconnect and manually assign IP to both laptop.
    PC 1:, Subnet mask:, Gateway:
    PC 2:, Subnet mask:, Gateway:
    This give me Home Network everytime, no more Public Network.
    I think of this from XP adhoc configuration.
    But what if I want to add more pc to my network cause there will be problem in default gateway then,right???

  7. Wi-MAN says:

    use this simple tool to create wifi adhoc networks in windows 8……


  8. kit says:

    i created the ad hoc connection in my laptop but i cant connect my nokia or apple phone on this network. It just says, cant connect. I dont know how to work this out. Can anyone help?

  9. alina says:

    Today I managed to set up an ad hoc connection but I am afraid I`ve done something wrong because now the option doesn`t appear anymore.Could you please help me?

  10. Prashant says:

    I’m able to create an ad hoc network in my wista laptop, but same couldn’t visible in other devices like mobile when i search for WI-FI networks. tried all possible way but no use. please help.

  11. Vishal says:

    Created adhoc newtork in my windows 7 laptop but it is not visible in my mobile when searched for Wi-Fi.
    In my laptop Signal Strength is showing no signal. Why so? What to do? Pls help me out.

  12. Subham says:

    please help me i want to share my internet connection as hotspot for using in mobile so please help

  13. Bob says:

    This is a good article indeed! But can I achieve the same thing using command prompt ?? Please reply.

  14. Barry Jones says:

    Is it possible to share an internet connection from a desktop PC with any wireless device(mobile/laptop) without using any extra hardware(wifi router,wifi card etc) ?

  15. Kana Pitpit says:

    Hi there, I create an ad-hoc on my Win 7 PC and successfully connected my Win 8 Laptop but can not access the internet. Tried trouble shooting and diagnosis but did not work. Please Help.

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