How to Secure the Data Stored by Your Windows Phone's Wallet App

The Wallet app is great for adding your financial information and then using it to make all kinds of payments on your Windows Phone. But, if someone gains access to your smartphone, he or she can make purchases that you might not approve of. For example, what if your child figures out your Windows Phone password, sneaks up on you and buys the first game that attracts his attention? That's why Microsoft has added the possibility to set a separate PIN, specifically for the Wallet app. Once that is set, nobody can make purchases on your Windows Phone without knowing and typing the PIN you set.

How Set a PIN for the Wallet App

In order to enable the security PIN, open the Wallet app and tap the more button found on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Then, tap settings+pin.

On the settings screen, you'll see a switch used to enable or disable the Wallet PIN. Until you'll enable it, you won't have the option to use it for securing your purchases.

Tap the Wallet PIN switch to set it to On. You are now asked to enter the PIN. Enter it twice and tap done.

The PIN is now active and used to secure your Wallet app. That means you'll have to enter this PIN every time you try to open this app.

However, buying apps, games, music from the Windows Phone Store or making in-app purchases are actions that are not restricted as this point. Anyone can still make purchases without having to enter this PIN.

In order for Windows Phone to request the PIN every time purchases are made, you'll have to also check the box that says: "Use Wallet PIN to protect music, app and in-app purchases".

Windows Phone will now request your PIN every time you try to make a purchase.

How Change the PIN for the Wallet App

The Wallet app in Windows Phone also allows users to change their PIN code. In order to do that, open the app and tap the more button on the bottom right corner of the screen, as shown in the previous section. Then, select settings+pin.

In the Settings screen tap the Change PIN button and you are requested to first type the current PIN and then type the new one twice. Do that and press done.

The PIN for the Wallet app is now changed.

How to Disable the Use of a PIN for the Wallet App

If you no longer wish to protect your Wallet app with a PIN code, open its settings using the steps mentioned earlier in this article.

Then, set the Wallet PIN switch to Off.

Once you do that, the PIN is forgotten by the app and it is no longer use to protect it. The next time you enable the use of a PIN, you will have to set a new PIN again, as the previous one you have set is not remembered.


As you can see, securing your Wallet app in Windows Phone is a very easy thing to do. You should definitely set up a different PIN code for this app, especially if there are people that might take a peek inside your smartphone during the day. If you have children that play on your smartphone, then you must enable it, for additional peace of mind.