12 replies on How To Reserve Your Free Upgrade To Windows 10

  1. RJ says:

    I have that logo available on my windows. When i clicked it, it showed me windows where i clicked register box but instead of email page it went directly to finish. Is there any thing wrong? On confirmation page i can see everything as you mentioned

  2. Praveen says:

    – my windows is genuine
    – my laptop is up to date
    – i have tried all the possible ways to get the icon
    still no result no icon
    can anyone help me with this..

  3. Saba Komal says:

    I have the Icon on notification area but Windows 10 is not upgrading yet.
    Does anyone know kindly help me i am very interested to upgrade my laptop.

  4. Josh says:

    The updates needed are listed as recommended, check your update settings and select give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates

  5. ajay says:

    Hi All, i got windows10 icon but when i click on icon , its opening a window and automatically closing without doing anything,..,..

    anyone please help

  6. afro says:

    hi, it wont show that option even why i keep updating widows….what can i do?

  7. Amabel says:

    Open up your pc or change to a new pc.

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