How to Rename the Active Network Connection in Windows 7

When you connect to a new network, Windows 7 gives it a name and a standard icon, depending on the network profile you have assigned: home, work or public. But, did you know you can change the network's name, as well as its icon? Here's how it is done.

Open the Network Sharing Center & Configure the Network's Name & Icon

First, you need to open the Network and Sharing Center.

Then, look for the "View your active networks" section. For your active network connection you will see an icon, its name and the location assigned to it.

Click the icon, not on its name or its assigned profile.

The "Set Network Properties" window opens. Here you can view and change the network name and icon.

First, type a new name in the Network name field. Then, click the Change button near the Network Icon.

The "Change Network Icon" window opens. Here you can select a new icon from the list of standard icons shared by Windows 7. You can also click Browse and select another icon, from another file. Once the new icon is selected, click OK.

You are back to the "Set Network Properties" window. Click OK to apply your changes.

The network is now named the way you want to and uses the icon you specified.

Pretty cool, isn't it?


This is a nice trick for users who want to configure in detail even how their network connections are named. Unfortunately it works only in Windows 7. Windows 8 users cannot perform the same changes and they are stuck with the default network name given to them by the operating system.