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  1. CristiMirt says:

    Very useful. I once tried to remove it and didn’t know how 🙂 Now, I use IE 9 pretty often and i don’t think I want to uninstall it anymore. But, you never know when this kind of trick will help you. Thank you!

  2. Don B says:

    Thank you for this helpful article. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help me. I have a laptop with Win7 (64-bit) on it. Prior to IE9 RTW, I was in the last moments of an install of the last pre-RTW release of IE9 when there was a system crash. The procedure above does not show IE9 being installed at all (or any other version of IE). However, if I try to install IE9 from Windows Update, it tells me it cannot install IE9 because there is a newer version of IE9 already installed. I also get error message number 80007004. Obviously, IE will not run on the computer since it is not installed. RevoUninstaller cannot find IE8 or IE9; neither can msizap. I am in a position where I can neither install nor uninstall IE9 (or any other version of IE). Any suggestions you can offer would be appreciated.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      You can try to use System Restore and roll-back to a point prior to you installing IE 9 RTW. If that doesn’t work… i think your safest bet is to reinstall Windows 7.

  3. Funkyecat says:

    It doesn’t remove IE, It only removes the current version if not IE8 0r 9 originally installed is left. It turns it off. If you remove the files manually it messes up the system. IE is stilled embedded in Windows

  4. Megan says:

    My internet explorer had several add ons that I could not get rid of, despite trying everything I read online about resetting, deleting updates, and updating again. So finally now it’s gone…I use Firefox more anyway.

  5. Funkyecat says:

    This is the original Funkyecat. This was not my question.

  6. knto says:

    very useful like ultimate useful.

  7. Shell Chua says:

    It worked, thanks!

    • John says:

      I installed Chrome and then removed IE 11 from my Windows 7 laptop quite easily. This is when things stopped being easy. These were the apps affected: Windows Live Mail, Windows Media Player – both stopped working with no resolve. Folders now opened in separate windows even though this was not the setting. All my devices and printer disappeared. The Permissions got messed up. I tried to do first a restore, then a recovery – nope, the system was not going to allow this. I got error messages trying to fix each. Finally I reinstalled IE11 and bang, all these issues went away. Microsoft scares the crap out of me now with how much control their apps and how uninstalling their browser will create havoc on someone’s computer.

  8. DanH says:

    I am fed up with MS so I started using Google Chrome. I followed your simple instructions to remove or at least hide IE 11 and they worked flawlessly. Now I am seriously considering going to the free Linux OS to rid myself of all MS influence.

  9. One Inc says:

    This definitely worked well and I am grateful. I decided to remove Internet Explorer because I was told it was an outdated web browser and I was unable to update it on my version of Microsoft Windows. I am currently using Google Chrome instead and it works much better.

  10. lon says:

    didnt work

  11. tom rockhill says:

    I do not use it I use google and Opera

  12. Ismael Marty says:

    I love it! It really work and very specific and simple.

  13. Rei says:

    I just went through the steps- which were amazingly easy! (so easy I could do it on a computer in Chinese which I cannot read)…so I removed IE because random programs would make it my ‘default’ without asking me. Not sure if I should just do it myself or wait? One of the Chinese programs on this Chinese computer had a pop up and I closed it and then the next thing I knew there was 2 new programs installed and they had made IE my default. I was told in China- NEVER use IE because they like to hack it….thank you for letting me get it off my computer finally.

    • Stephen says:

      Blame yourself for using a computer in Chinese (which you cannot read!!!). Waouw….
      I’ve had varied IE’s over the years for 15 years now, and your Chinese friends never hacked them !! Now I use IE11 along with Firefox 58 and Chrome… all is well.

  14. IAHS says:

    it realy helped me

  15. Walter Gorham says:

    The reason I wanted to remove I.E. from my PC, I got tired of the constant msg: “Internet Explorer has stopped working”.

  16. Barbara Erickson says:

    I cant get on the net…pop up internet explorer stopped working. Over and over

  17. Steve W. says:

    I like google chrome,but w/IE , whenever I wanted to check out a software to download I would for example chrome,I would get
    google chrome.exe-application error,WHY ???

  18. al says:

    malware attached to iE. will uninstall and re install II

  19. IronMike says:

    I was not able to attach my USB terabyte drives to my TG1682G Modem/Router. Rather than add a bridge or change router/modem altogether and risk it not working with my Comcast/Xfinity service, I decided to just attach them to a dedicated Desktop that is used STRICTLY as a pass-through or bridge to my terabyte drives which are used strictly for storage as my own personal “Dropboxes”.

    Since they are used internally on my network, there is no need for “ANY” browser which will eliminate the threat of viruses to the dedicated Desktop or to my network.

    I’ve discovered that it takes approximately the same amount of time and steps as it was sending my work to my old Dropbox & Google Drive accounts.
    I have complete control AND access over MY work and it is completely private.

    My only concern is a drive failure but I will probably address that by purchasing another drive and backing up the main drive periodically.

    This process is working seamlessly as of this post as I am saving my files, audio, video, txt, etc… directly to the drive as I would to any online storage site.

    I guessing you are having an “AHA!!!” moment about now or so you should.

  20. Binski says:

    This worked great, so far no problems with other programs as a result. Great easy solution for non-techies like me. I’m running Windows 7, mostly using Chrome since Firefox screwed up on me, but I liked Firefox better than Chrome. Opened IE and a virus popped up to call Microsoft for a fix. It was a scam, I didn’t fall for it. Had to control-alt-delete to stop IE from running, then did a malware scan, found nothing. Tired of f**ing MS since nothing seems to work very well at all. Still can’t get Windows Update to work on one computer, but got it working on another. Huh? Thinking about going MAC.

  21. Anna says:

    Thanks for helping me get rid of IE. I just don’t like it and never have. I use Firefox.

  22. Alan Rushe says:

    It didnt work. F*** IE is still there.

  23. april shand says:

    Explorer and Bing will not go away. its not listed in the add/remove and I uncheck it from the turn off features, and rebooted it and it made no difference. Also it won’t let me change my search engine to anything but Bing and I hate Bing!! What can I do, I’m so frustrated. I don’t want any previous versions, just gone forever.

  24. Daryl King says:

    I already have Chrome installed as well as Firefox. Thank you for showing me how to remove I.E. What prompted the remove was that – somehow MSN “Hijacked” my start page and would not go away no matter what I did – I even removed it from search providers! This is not ethical. So I said “F*K you Microsoft!
    I want my browser’s home page to start on a Google blank page with search box right in the middle – that is a nice clean page for me to search on, or navigate to, wherever I want. I do not appreciate Microsoft and MSN HIJACKING my page without my consent.

    • Molly says:

      Having similar prbz with i.e, the msn takeover, as well as i.e just starting itself at complete random screwing up my whole comp until i slowly am able to stop it via end process. I use firefox for browsing n have for years. I think i may try just shutting off i.e so it doesn’t load up.. Esp if deletion effects WMP, one of the only programs of theirs i do use.. It’s just so bloody annoying to be doing stuff in FF n then all the sudden my screwed up i.e crashes into existance.. Sometimes i have to totally reboot.. Not ok!

  25. Andy Wong says:

    Thank You !

  26. Aditya Anand says:

    Very good

  27. Joe Jefferson-King says:

    This was right on point, and I really appreciate this help. Microsoft don’t take to kind to having other browser engines, so I removed chrome, and ie 11, and now Edge is working like it should I guess. Amazing how they control aspects of our life.

  28. D McCarthy says:

    I just removed windows internet explorer using your instructions and it seem to have worked well. At least the POS is gone. I use Firefox

  29. Ron Scacco says:

    It did everything you said it would, but when it rebooted, Internet Explorer files were still there and the shortcut was still in the task bar.

  30. diMAN XGermanist says:

    Seems to have worked, thanks! Odd that it wasn’t in the applications list.

  31. Jerry Thompson says:

    I turned IE off because nothing fixed the dialogue box IE has stopped working. Hope to install an earlier version but not sure if I can do that. JRT

  32. James Pittman says:

    IE keeps locking up and even Microsoft cannt stop it on my computer

  33. Mark Prime says:

    Had old IE version which was blocking other programmes. Would not up grade manually. Tried your process BUT the system blocked the change so following your process was pointless. May as well delete this guidance as just a waste of valuable time. Thank you

  34. raj says:

    IE 11×64 won’t open in my Win 8.1. Contacted Microsoft support and they advised clean installation. Did that, but IE was still adamant. Then I decided to remove it.

    IE 11, RIP.

  35. tazmo8448 says:

    thanks…. I’ve never used IE no do I plan to…Edge maybe but IE no

  36. bludragon says:

    I got tired of the heavy handedness of MS and switched to a linux/ubuntu distro called Mint. It’s actually Linux Mint 18.04. (Yes, I know it’s really a distro of Ubuntu, yet it handles more like KDE, than Ubuntu. Much more responsive!) I’ve also been using Firefox instead of IE anything for several years (simply love the new version – Quantum). Together they are unbeatable if you still prefer a great Gui over a fully text based true/raw Linux like Arch. Which my son swears by :)! The choice for me was clear. My advice is check it out, before you make a clean split of Windows though. Do a live boot off a usb or dual boot to try it out. Good luck and have fun with it.

  37. Tannia says:

    I have chrome and I have had ran out of room on my laptop.

  38. matt says:

    would not execute properly. had to uninstall to reinstall.

  39. Rafael says:

    I was going to install Java but instead it installed a hacked version of IE

  40. Fran says:

    How is the publication date of this article February 2018 when it’s actually dating from 2011, according to the comments? It hasn’t been updated since, obviously, so heavily outdated – so what’s the deal??

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      The first version of this guide was made in 2011. Since then, it was updated and improved. What you see is the most up-to-date version of this tutorial, not the original from 2011.

  41. hanna says:

    it doesn’t work! I did exactly like this and nothing changed

  42. Sofia says:

    I wanted to delete it for space reasons. And because I run the Chrome explorer I found no need to hold on to the IE. My computer runs smoother now.

  43. Edo says:

    My windows features window is f*** empty, how about that.

  44. bill says:

    IE enables trackers like double click, casale, turn inc, and spotxchange to track save, and resell your browsing even if you’ve never used IE. That’s why.

  45. Peggy Wilson says:

    Having issues with it.

  46. steve h says:

    windows internet explorer was full of pop ups and viruses, god knows why, i never used it.

  47. Mike says:

    I use different web browsers for different tasks. Explorer was hanging and freezing every time that I tried to load a page of any kind. No amount of anti-virus, removing addons, cleaning with C Cleaner, installing a newer version explorer, messing with the .net framework, or anything else seemed to help. This is just the next obvious iteration of trying to fix it.

  48. security says:

    Don’t want to have such a bullshit on my computer

  49. thomas smith says:

    thanks for the info, i have win 7 with ie 8 which i hardly ever use, but stupid BITDEFENDER , a pretty good AV requires ie 11. the update from ie8 to 11 wont work. so i will try a clean install of win 11 so i can use bitdefender. i told bitdefender they need a better system relying on windows is bad idea

  50. sue says:

    IE slows down my Windows 7 experience. It also takes over other programs such as Netflixs that I want toooen in Google Chrome. I want to choose, not be forced.

  51. Pennelopy says:

    When browsing I kept getting a pop up window that says internet explorer has stopped working, windows will close the web page and search for a reason, something to that affect. I could not run any of the tool programs, message said the downloaded program was moved or deleted. I Just removed it and installed chrome. Working fine ever since.

  52. TW says:

    i upgraded to ie 11 and it crashes every single time i click on a link. i’ve tried every fix i can find and nothing has worked. but the downside is that firefox and chrome do not utilize fingerprint recognition (aka HP SmartPass) 🙁

  53. Mohit Chakraborty says:

    It is forcing yahoo mail malfunction

  54. jgrtmp says:

    I use Chrome. I also have Edge. In the 2.5 yrs with this puter I have never used IE11 and it is a possible gateway for attack by virus. Problem is removal still left a quick start for it. how do I get rid of that?

  55. DJ says:

    I use Chrome and just needed the extra space, really. I’ve never liked Internet Explorer in the first place, so win-win.

  56. Denise says:

    IE no longer supports AOL mail. And it has way too many undesirable changes from earlier versions that make it no longer user-friendly. Too bad. The old IE was my preferred browser. I hate Google Chrome, but I guess I’m stuck with it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try Opera or Vivaldi. You might like them better. And you have the same awesome ecosystem of add-ons, just like on Chrome.

  57. JULIA says:

    Because it is not working with Windows 7!!!!!!!

  58. JULIA says:

    Apparently it has not been removed. I cannot print an image from “my pictures” because I get a message saying that “internet explorer has stopped working”. How is it possible that this can happen is my question.

  59. Skyghost3000 says:

    Content advisor password forgotten and blocked access to Microsoft site so no internet access possible. Tried other ways first.

  60. Roy Bean says:

    Internet Explorer stopped working in Windows 7. The program would NOT start.

  61. Alex says:

    I removed IE because I’ve been yandexed, so whenever IE starts its gets hijacked by yandex. Firefox doesn’t appear to suffer the same way…or at least I was able to de-yandex it successfully

  62. james leiss says:

    msn home page and outlook. live were crazy unstable. i tried everything except a hammer ! now i have no problem with google and firefox .

    • Anonymous says:

      Enjoy a less frustrating experience. 🙂

      • Gary says:

        Is there any way you can correct your article to reflect what is actually happening when the instructions you suggest are carried out? Like maybe a statement saying these instructions don’t really uninstall anything…

  63. N V says:

    I “removed” it (this isn’t really actually deleting the files, which is what I actually want, but instead just removing their foul presence from my sight), because the stupid browser got infected in literally less than three uses. No, I was not on any sketchy sites. Now every time I open it, it screams at me about how I have pornography on my computer (I don’t) and it’s going to call the authorities on me unless I call THIS HELPLINE (which is obviously a scam). I thought I got rid of the files needed to remove this annoyance, since some sites only work on IE for me, but no. I think nothing short of a fresh install of it will help me, but thanks to Microsoft being a nosy and overbearing nanny all the time, I can’t do that without ripping my hair out trying to get around their stupid OS. So, I guess I’m just stuck with a hidden malware file on my system until I feel like taking another few hours of research to fix it 😀 Thanks Microsoft! You were really smart not to let us just uninstall your browser on OUR OWN computers that WE PAID FOR.

  64. Randy Martin says:

    a box appears forcing me to choose between two msn.com thingies as my homepage. there is NO way to get rid of this box except to go to Task manager. Since YOU don’t support IE and no one else does, I figure I might as well 86 it.

  65. pete says:

    unable to download and/or save ANYTHING

  66. Just a user says:

    My Internet Explorer 11 suddenly started to get really slow recently and constantly giving me “is not responding” error which is really annoying. I still need it, but after trying a whole bunch of solutions I now only have hope for a reinstall of it to fix it.

  67. E. Brown says:

    Infected by coupon bar in registry. Software removal causes os to crash with coupon bar still in registry.

  68. Gary says:

    This article is misleading and is very incomplete at its best. This tip DOES NOT remove Internet Explorer from the operating system or it’s links to the operating system and subsequent Microsoft applications. It just disconnects part of the browser from the system. I need to completely remove ie from my computer, all the files that make up what is the MS ie browser, the whole thing.

  69. Sanjay says:

    My computax software has not properly working with internet explore. because of this some setting has been changed in internet explorer

  70. Patrice says:

    I removed IE because I do not use it. I like FF browser, but it seems to me that Windows wants all its users to use Edge. My computer is older and I am trying to remove what I don’t use to keep the speed acceptable.

  71. guy says:

    because it keeps opening it when i dont need it

  72. DS says:

    It was freezing up a lot. Tried every remedy found, none worked. Uninstalled IE11. Cleaned leftover files. Got a fresh install but it wouldn’t reinstall. Tried it in safe mode, would not reinstall.
    It’s my favorite browser. Looks like I’ll be using Chrome.

  73. Nope says:

    It doesn’t uninstall IE, just hides the shortcut.
    Other programs can still access it.

  74. Tom Messimer says:

    I found that IE even through v11, did not behave correctly with some web sites. I then tried Chrome. Chrome works flawlessly for me. My only issue with Chrome recently is that they have dropped support of Flash. Some internet sites require you to “allow” flash to run, then loads it and restarts the web service. Other than that I am happy with Chrome. I still have IE installed. I cannot tell if any portion of it is running in the background. I don’t see anything in running processes. I, since the days of DOS have always been someone who eliminates things that aren’t needed. These days with such huge drive, an extra 300 mb’s doesn’t matter much to me. So, as long as nothing IE related is running I am willing to keep it. Like…, who knows what Google is really up to. So, I guess I’ll keep IE available in case I need it.

  75. frank says:

    hate that part of the window is minimized so you can show small screen shots of what tabs I have open. I KNOW WHAT I HAVE OPENED

  76. Larry Hoskins says:

    I uninstalled it because it became corrupted and unusable

  77. Jørn says:

    Life cycle management seems to have ended and its not compatible with essensial other software

  78. Peggy F says:

    I have long stopped using Internet Explorer on my Windows 7 computer. I had heard from others, and gotten a message from Microsoft, that Internet Explorer was no longer supported. I never uninstalled it because I was afraid of harming other programs on my computer. I was reminded today when I saw on a news bulletin on my computer so I googled “how to removed Internet Explorer” and came up with Digital Citizen website on how to remove the program.

  79. ScorpioOne says:

    Internet Explorer has become a nightmare…. WAY to much BLOATWARE! Every time I have some kind of application , (NERO for instance, and YES there are several other programs that are doing this as well) It opens a pop-up on my desktop and shares with me a Discount coupon and then it “tries” to open IE.. which it then fails to do, as I run Google Chrome, which I have been using now for 10+ Years. That is why I am removing it…. totally useless to me

  80. Steve Mathis, says:

    your process didn’t work for me.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Uninstalled because i don’t use that garbage and it keeps pinning itself to my taskbar

  82. J Benedetti says:

    I removed Explorer because the spyware protection I use keeps flagging IE elements. I don’t use it and haven’t for years. So, after I removed IE, I’ll run the spyware sweep and see if it still pops up.

  83. Regina Hall says:

    I stopped using Internet Explorer a LONGGGGGGG time ago. Recently, it started popping up and adding itself to the task bar. If it had stayed unpinned, I wouldn’t have bothered with the removal.

  84. Arlete Harcourt says:

    Why did you remove Internet Explorer?
    I want to remove it because when I use CCleaner to sanitize my O.S. before shutting off, I.E. NEVER shuts off thus leaving a potential malware entry open.
    WHY Does it do that anyway!

  85. Mary Duke says:

    many of my files when opened have message stating internet explorer will not allow this to open. I want the information I downloaded and I want to open
    all of them as documents or downloads. I am an Historian and research via my P>C>

  86. Helen Palmer says:

    My computer got hacked and someone told me it’s because Internet Explorer is easy to hack, so I uninstalled it.

  87. Scott Boden says:

    It never works right. It’s slow. It is a horrible program and they only make it worse with every update.

  88. Katherine says:

    Causing too many problems in use, very slow.

  89. Henry says:

    I’m uninstalling Internet Explorer because of the “zero day” threat CVE-2020-0674 announced on 1/17/2020.

  90. John says:

    Because I use Windows 7 and have been told not to use Internet Explorer because Microsoft have just stopped supporting it.

  91. Dee says:

    I went to Control Panel and then uninstall or change a program. The clicked on “turn Windows features on or off.” Absolutely nothing is there. Nor, after waiting 15 minutes, does it load. Now what?

  92. farooq hafeez says:

    change to ie 11

  93. William Judd says:

    – Uninstall the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. It’s a huge security hole because Windows 7, which is my present operating system, is no longer supported by Microsoft.

  94. Chris Byrne says:

    Save storage space

  95. Kevin Wilson says:

    After running a number of malware programs it appeared that malware was using IE as an entry to my PC. Also I have not used it in years as my browser so no loss…

  96. N/A says:

    I was alright having Explorer on my computer at first after switching over to Chrome but it began doing things without my consent like continuing to create shortcuts on my desktop after I had deleted the shortcut. It at first only bugged me a little bit but other things were happening and I am not sure why but decide to just cut it off at the roots so to speak.

  97. joe s says:

    It is not compatible to most things ran on computers now days. From facebook to yahoo mail.

  98. Mansoor says:

    Because it was set as the default on my vs live server app … and it was showing me error for no reason … thats why i wanna delete it

  99. Francie says:

    Even though my computer settings show that Chrome is my default browser, I get lots of messages when I try to download something that say Microsoft no longer supports IE and that I have to download another browser.

  100. VB says:

    My email provider (earthlink) wanted me to use Explorer (instead of Firefox) to open my email to send email with attachments. So I tried it and the email with attachments appears to have been sent OK (was getting multiple errors over a couple of days). However, Explorer runs REALLY slow (I don’t know why – it just is) and also seems to have slowed down my laptop. I don’t know what is wrong with the people at Microsoft that they don’t make better, more user friendly products. But in a few moments it will be gone. My opinion is that all companies in the industry needs to work with all standard browsers — if my email provider can’t do that (in my case work properly with Firefox) I may need a new email provider. I realize no one really cares about 1 person’s experience, but that’s my reason.

  101. Roman says:

    It forces me to use Bing

  102. Jennifer says:

    My virus scanner says Internet Explorer has a leak. I also read a an article that old coding that is still being used by everyone but Mozilla, allows a back door for hackers. I’m removing it for safety reasons since I don’t use it anyway.

  103. Kent says:

    Hi. Thanks for the info. I use Chrome exclusively and I have heard that having Internet Explorer doesn’t play nice with your computer and that if you have/use Chrome, to delete IE. Your thoughts?

  104. William says:

    I really want to keep Internet Explorer, but when I click on I.E. icon on my taskbar it doesn,t come on the first time. I have to retry quite a few times. The reason given is that i am not connected to Internet ( which i am ) I thought the best way would be would be to uninstall Windows Explorer and then re-install it.

  105. Albert J Dooley says:

    Stopped using it a long time ago and to save space and hopefully increase efficiency.

  106. Kobus says:

    I removed it because it keeps ticking the LAN Proxy box and I can not connect to the WiFi.

  107. John M says:

    I removed it because even though Edge is the default browser, some links STILL open in IE 11.
    What’s that all about?

  108. Monika Robinson says:

    I stopped using explorer years ago and it isn’t compatible with the ability to download software updates anymore, so it basically interferes with the smooth running of my computer.

  109. chris Fowler says:

    No longer supported by MS

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