How to Pair a Bluetooth Mouse with a Windows 8.1 Laptop or Tablet

Modern laptops and tablets get smaller and smaller. As a result they provide fewer USB ports for connecting other devices and they rely more on Bluetooth. That's why Bluetooth mice and keyboards are becoming more popular. But how do you connect them with your Windows 8.1 device? The procedure is not that long but you do need to pay attention so that you perform each step in the correct sequence. Here's how it works:

Things to Keep in Mind Before Going Ahead

To demonstrate the whole process we have used the the Surface Pro 2 and a Bluetooth mouse from Microsoft that's named Sculpt Comfort. You can find its review here. TheSurface Pro 2 is reviewed here.

Before you start the whole process, it is best that you start and log in to your Windows 8.1 tablet or laptop and that you have your mouse close, together with its batteries and manual. Also, if you are about to pair your mouse for the very first time with your Windows 8.1 device, you should be connected to a network with Internet access, so that Windows 8.1 can download the appropriate drivers, if needed.

Insert the Batteries, Turn On the Mouse & Make it Discoverable

Any Bluetooth mouse will need batteries before you can use it. Insert them and then look on the back of the mouse. This is where you will generally find the buttons for interacting with the mouse. On the back of the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort mouse we used as an example, there is a switch for turning on the mouse. Press it and the mouse will turn on. Other mice may have a different system for turning them on. Please read their manual to learn how to turn them on.

Credit: this diagram and the ones that follow it were taken from Microsoft's quick start guide for the Sculpt Comfort mouse.

Turning on the mouse is not enough though. You need to make it discoverable. On some mice, like the one we are using, this means pressing and holding a different button for 3 to 5 seconds. This button has the Bluetooth icon on Microsoft mice. If you are using a mouse from Logitech, the button will be named Connect and it is not a button but a switch that you should turn on.

Some mice have just one button for turning on and making it discoverable through Bluetooth. If that is the case, press and hold the same button so that the mouse becomes discoverable for the next couple of minutes.

On the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort mouse, when the mouse is discoverable, the blue light on its back flashes. Also, if you turn over the mouse, a light blinks green and red for 6 minutes to indicate that the mouse is discoverable.

Your mouse may have a similar system for highlighting that the mouse is discoverable.

Turn on Bluetooth on Your Windows 8.1 Laptop or Tablet

The next step is to turn on Bluetooth on your Windows 8.1 device. Go to PC Settings and then to PC and devices. Select the Bluetooth section where you will see a switch for turning on the Bluetooth chip on your Windows 8.1 device.

Set it to On and Windows 8.1 immediately starts looking for Bluetooth devices.

Pair the Mouse with Your Windows 8.1 Laptop or Tablet

After a couple of seconds, Windows 8.1 displays your Bluetooth mouse. Depending on whether it has the drivers for it or not, you may see the full name of the device or just a generic name like Mouse. Beneath its name, Windows 8.1 says that the mouse is ready to pair.

Select the newly discovered mouse and press Pair. You won't see this button without selecting the mouse first.

The pairing process starts. If Windows 8.1 already has drivers for your mouse, it will install it in seconds. If it doesn't, then it will download them from the Internet and the process will take longer. Also, the name of the device will change until the process is completed.

When done, Windows 8.1 displays the exact name of your mouse and says that it is connected, just beneath the name of the mouse.

Now you can start using the mouse to navigate through the operating system. When you will need to disconnect the mouse from your Windows 8.1 laptop or tablet, simply turn off the mouse using its button on the back. When you turn it on again, Windows 8.1 should be able to detect it and pair it quickly. If it doesn't, you should go through the pairing process again, as shown above.


As you can see, pairing a Bluetooth mouse with a Windows 8.1 laptop or tablet (like Microsoft's Surface) is not very difficult. However, you do need to be careful about the steps you take and you must perform them in the order described above. I hope that you have found this guide helpful. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask using the comments form below.