How much did I ride with Uber in miles, number of rides or total riding time?

Uber is present in more than 80 countries and hundreds of cities around the world, including major cities like Washington, Miami, Bangalore, Singapore, London, Helsinki or Bucharest. Many members of our team use their services regularly and, after a while, we started wondering how much we ride with Uber. How many rides have we taken? How many miles have we ridden? How much time did we ride with Uber? How long did we wait for Uber to send us a driver? How do we rank against other active Uber users? Luckily, a programmer named Bryce Adams has developed a web app that offers this data, if you are willing to give it the permission to analyze your Uber account. Here's how it works:

Step 1. Go to Totals for Uber

Open your favorite web browser and go to Totals for Uber.

Step 2: Sign into Uber

Click "Sign in to Uber" and authenticate into Uber, using your credentials.

Step 3: Give Totals the permission to access your data

Once you do that, you are asked for permission, so that Totals can access your profile data and your limited history. Click or tap Allow.

Step 4: View your Uber statistics

Now you can see your stats: how many rides you have taken with Uber, how many miles, how much time and the total time that you have waited for Uber to send you a driver.

Below this information, you can also view the types of Uber services that you have used and how many times you have used each service. This list varies widely from city to city, depending on the services that are available.

If you want to see how your stats compare to other users, click or tap on the Leaderboard link at the top side of your stats. A list is shown with other Uber customers who have used the Totals for Uber website. You can see how much they are using this service.

As you will see for yourself, some users have incredible usage stats.

How much did you ride with Uber?

Now that you know how much you ride with Uber don't hesitate to share your data with us. How many rides did you have with Uber and how many miles have you traveled? Let us know in a comment below.