How To Move Apps & Games To Your SD Card In Windows Phone

If you installed a lot of games and apps on your Windows Phone you might run low on storage space. This happens especially if you have an affordable Windows smartphone, where the storage space is not a strong point. Luckily, there's a solution to free some internal storage space on your Windows Phone, if you have a microSD memory card installed. In this article we will show you how to move your apps and games and their associated files to your microSD memory card in the most simple way possible. Let's go:

How To Set The SD Card To Be The Default Storing Location For Your Apps & Games

First, go to your App list and tap Storage Sense.

Next, tap phone to see what's taking up space on your smartphone.

In the Storage Sense screen, you can change where your Windows Phone will store each new app. If don't want to move your apps periodically to your memory card, you can set the default location to where your apps will be stored from here. To do this, tap on Store new apps on my and choose SD card from the list.

How To Move Your Apps & Games To Your SD Card

Going back to the phone screen, you'll see a list with all the files on your smartphone and the space taken up by each type of files. Tap apps+games to continue.

Now, in the apps+games screen, press the select button from the lower menu bar.

Next, select only the apps you wish to move on your SD card or, if you want to move them all, check the box Select all. Then, tap the Move button.

You will be prompted to confirm the transfer of the selected apps and all their files from the phone storage to the SD card. Tap Yes to continue.

Now, wait until all the apps you selected are moved to your SD card. The apps you chose to move will be shadowed and you will be unable to select until the process is done.


As you can see from this guide, this procedure is really simple and can be quite useful if you don't really want to delete any of your apps, but rather move them. This way you can keep all of your apps and clear some storage space on your smartphone. For other useful tips regarding storage space on your Windows Phone read our recommendations below.