How to Manually Upload Pictures to OneDrive, in Windows Phone

Everyone takes pictures with their smartphones. Even though they might not be a great replacement for a digital camera, smartphones are always with us and they are convenient to use. When it comes to pictures and how to back them up automatically, Windows Phone 8.1 includes a great feature - the ability to have all your pictures uploaded to OneDrive, automatically. This way, you will never lose them. Also, you can manually upload one or more pictures to your OneDrive. Here's how it all works:

How to Manually Upload a Picture to OneDrive on Windows Phone 8.1

On your Windows Phone 8.1 device, open the Photos hub. You can find its tile on the Start screen or you can find its shortcut in the Apps list.

After opening the app, browse to the photo you want to upload to OneDrive. Open the picture by tapping its thumbnail.

When the photo is opened, tap the Share icon, found on the bottom of the screen.

The Share menu is shown. Tap OneDrive.

After the OneDrive app is opened, pick the folder where you want to save the picture and then press OK.

The photo will be uploaded to the selected folder.

Depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the picture, the upload will be done in a few seconds.

If you have changed your mind and you no longer want to upload it to OneDrive, tap cancel.

But what if you want to upload multiple pictures at once?

How to Upload Multiple Pictures to OneDrive, in Windows Phone 8.1

If you want to save multiple photos to OneDrive, all at the same time, Windows Phone 8.1 has you covered.

First, open the Photos hub, go to the folder from which you want to pick multiple photos, and then tap the select button, on the bottom of the screen.

Then, select the photos you want to upload, by tapping their thumbnails.

Tap the Share button on the bottom of the screen.

Select OneDrive.

Once you select the folder where you want to save them, tap OK.

You will see the progress at the top of the screen.

If there are any problems with the upload, you will receive an error from the OneDrive app. In this case, make sure that your Internet connection is working and then try again.


Saving photos to OneDrive from Windows Phone is easy and anyone can do it. If you are looking for other useful tips and tricks about Windows Phone or OneDrive, check our recommendations below.