How to Manage Your Favorites in Internet Explorer for the Desktop

If you’re connected to the Internet there are probably a number of websites that you visit regularly and you want to be able to access them quickly. This is the reason why web browsers have bookmarks: to store your favorite websites in a list and access them quickly whenever you need to visit them. In Internet Explorer, bookmarks are called Favorites and learning how to manage them can be a bit tricky. In this article we will share how to access your favorites, add new ones and how to organize them in the desktop version of Internet Explorer 11.

How to Access Your Favorites In The Desktop Version of Internet Explorer

You can access your Favorites by clicking the little star icon in the top right corner of the Internet Explorer window. Keyboard users can also use the keys Alt+C to open them.

The window that is shown is named the Favorites Center. It displays your list of favorites, your RSS feed and your browsing history. In this tutorial we will use only the Favorites tab.

If you want to close the Favorites Center, click anywhere outside its window.

How to Add a Web Page to Your Favorites

To add a web page to Favorites you must first open it in Internet Explorer. Then, open the Favorites Center and click the "Add to favorites" button.

The "Add a favorite" dialogue is shown.

First, you have to set the name for the new favorite page. You can choose to stick with the default name or edit it using the Name textbox.

Then, choose where you want to save the new favorite page. By default it is saved in the Favorites folder, but you can choose to place it in any other folder or subfolder using the "Create in" drop-down list.

You can also create a new folder to place your favorite page. We will share how to create a new folder with favorites in the next section of this tutorial.

Click the Add button to save the web page to your Favorites.

If you want to cancel adding the page to your Favorites, click Cancel or the Close, in the top right corner of the window.

How to Create a New Folder For Your Favorite Websites

To create a new Favorites folder, open the Favorites Center and click "Add a favorite".

Then, click or tap the New folder button.

The Create a folder dialogue is shown. You have to type a name for the new folder in the Folder name textbox.

Select the parent folder that will contain the new folder using the Create in drop-down list.

Click Create to finish creating the new folder.

How to Add Multiple Web Pages to Your Favorites at Once

You can also add all your opened tabs to your Favorites at once. However, they can be added only by creating a new folder for them. You cannot use an existing folder when you add multiple web pages to your favorites.

To do this, first open all the web pages that you want to add to your favorites. Each web page should be opened in a separate tab. Then, open the Favorites Center and click the Down arrow next to the "Add to favorites" button.

Click "Add current tabs to favorites" in the menu that is shown.

Choose a name for the new folder using the Folder Name textbox.

Then, choose the parent folder using the Create in drop-down list.

Click Add to finish the process.

How to Organize Your Internet Explorer Favorites

After you have added all your favorite web pages, you may want to organize them better. In order to do that, first open the Favorites Center and click the Down arrow next to the Add to favorites button.

Then, click "Organize favorites…".

In the Organize Favorites window you can do the following:

  • To create a new favorites folder, click the New Folder button and then type a name for it.

  • To move a web page or a folder to another location, select it by clicking on its name.

    Then, click the Move button.

    Select the new location for the selected item, and click OK.

  • To rename a web page or folder, select it, then click the Rename button.

    Type its new name and press Enter on your keyboard.

  • To delete a web page or folder, select it, then click the Delete button.

    No confirmation is required to delete an item from your Favorites.

To close the Organize Favorites window click the Close button.


If you use Internet Explorer on a regular basis, knowing how to handle your list of Favorites is important. You will have an easier time accessing your favorite web pages and you will know how to organize them better when your list is growing. If you are looking for other interesting articles about working with Internet Explorer, check our recommendations below.