How to get ready for Cyber Monday 2015

How to get ready for Cyber Monday 2015

This year, Cyber Monday is on November 30, and it is forecast as the biggest shopping day ever for e-commerce. Despite the jump in sales volume last year of 17%, Adobe Digital Index (ADI) predicts for 2015, another climb of 12%, getting to a total of 3 billion dollars. Let's have a look on what people are ready to spend so much money and how we can be prepared to get the best experience this Cyber Monday:


What is going to be big and when?

The law of Internet celebrity applies to Cyber Monday shopping as well. What is popular is going to be even more so. Usually, we spend about 65% of our money on 1% of the products we buy. During this shopping season the top 1% of products sold will get 76% of what we spend. One of the effects of this concentration is that the out of stock labels will start showing this week, but they will hit the maximum number on Cyber Monday. So keep an eye on the top sellers and be ready to snatch the discounts on them while they last.

Cyber Monday 2015, prepare, deals
Cyber Monday 2015, prepare, deals

One of the perks of shopping online is getting the goods delivered right to your door. We tend to forget that shipping can add to the bill. The good news is Cyber Monday is predicted to have very good offers on shipping costs. When you compare prices between different stores make sure you check how much the delivery is going to add to the total bill. Given that all retailers try to squeeze the profit margin, the difference between offers may be made by the shipping costs .

Social media is going to take center stage on shopping this year. The actual direct sales will be quite low (less than 3%) so this is not about impulse buying. Social media will act as a major influencer in shopping decisions. The products that are discussed on social media are exactly the products that will top the sales charts this year.

Products that might be very popular this Cyber Monday

Let's have a look at what people are chatting about.

  • Toys : The Star Wars new cute robot, BB-8 , will follow in the steps of R2-D2 and become one of the favorite characters of the new movie, The Force Awakens. The little robot will be the top selling toy this season. Sphero has done a pretty good job of bringing the character to life. Check more details here. Barbie and American Girl Doll join the podium of top sellers. Even if BB-8 is not your thing, Cyber Monday is the best day to do toy shopping. The discounts hit the highest numbers on Monday and the prices are expected to rise steadily afterwards until Christmas.
  • Wearables, video streaming and tablets : Apple takes the cake in all these categories. Apple Watch will sell most wearable products followed by GoPro and FitBit. Apple TV will top the video streaming services joined by Roku and Chromecast. iPad is the top selling tablet followed by Kindle and iPad Mini.
  • Gaming consoles : Sony's lead in the console war will be maintained in the coming period. Playstation 4 will lead the sales in gaming hardware. Microsoft will get a consolation prize with Minecraft and Halo 5 being the top selling games.
  • TV sets : Sony also wins the 4K TVs race with a strong lead followed by LG and Samsung.

Apparel is not hot on discounts on Cyber Monday. The prices are actually expected to decline towards Christmas so, if there is no urgent need, delaying your purchases might be good idea.

How to get ready for Cyber Monday?

Although it seems that sitting down in front of your computer is all you have to do, there is quite a lot of preparation to be done by the keen Cyber Monday shopper.

Social media is predicted to be a top provider of sales deals this season. Make sure you follow your favorite online retailers. The newsletters remain a good source of information. For example, Amazon recommends that you subscribe to their Daily Deals ahead of the shopping event.

Another big trend is the use of mobile devices to check on products and discounts and make decisions. More than 50% of the shoppers will do so this year (which is a first) and 29% of the transactions will be made on smartphones and tablets. In order to get ready, make sure you install the apps from your favorite shops.

The shopping on mobile devices is rated as a stressful experience (6 out of a maximum of 7). For many shoppers, the good old desktop or laptop may be the better option. In case you want help there, there are browser extensions that help you shop faster. Amazon offers Amazon assistant that can be installed on Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. For other preparations and watch outs check this material.

Last, but not least, make sure your user accounts are created and up to date on the web sites you intend to visit for Cyber Monday. In case your credit card has expired , make sure the new one is registered on your account. Verify the physical addresses for shipping, especially if you want to deliver some of the purchases as presents. If you need to reset any passwords because you forgot them, do it now. All of these will take precious time on Monday on web sites slowed by record traffic while your best deals hit the out of stock status.


An estimated 25% of shoppers will have a better experience this season compared to last year. The time spent to make the purchases and the stress involved in that are going down. Let's make sure we fit into this category by following the advice written above.

How else you get ready for Cyber Monday? Leave a comment below with your advice.

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