How to Enable, Change or Disable Email Signatures in Windows Phone

Each time you send an email using your Windows Phone, it goes out with a standard signature saying "Sent from my Windows Phone"? You might not want to use a signature at all or you may want to use a different signature. In this tutorial we will share how to disable the email signature completely, how to change it to a different one and how to enable it back when you need to use a signature.

What You Should Know About Email Signatures in Windows Phone

Each email account on your Windows Phone uses a different signature. This means you will have to enable, disable or change the signature for each of them.

Windows Phone doesn't support the use of HTML and images in email signatures. While only text is supported, if you choose to insert URLs in the signature, they are automatically detected and formatted accordingly.

This guide was tested in both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 and the steps involved are the same in both versions.

Where to Find the Email Signature Settings in Windows Phone

In order to make changes to the signature used by an email account, you need to open its inbox and then access its settings. Opening the email account can be done either from the Start screen (using its tile) or from the Apps list (using its shortcut).

For this tutorial, we are using a Gmail account as an example.

In the inbox of your email account, tap the more button (the three dots on the bottom right of the screen).

A menu is shown on the bottom of the screen, with several options. Tap settings.

In the settings screen you can customize plenty of things. One of them is the signature for your email account.

How to Enable or Disable the Signature Used by an Email Account

The first thing you'll find in the Signature section is a switch for turning this feature On and Off. If you want to stop using an email signature, set this switch to Off.

If you want to use a signature, set this switch to On.

As simple as that.

How to Change the Signature Used by an Email Account

When the signature is active, a text field is shown beneath its switch. It displays the current signature. If you never changed it, it should say "Sent from my Windows Phone".

To edit the signature, tap its field and enter the text you want to use. Tap done to save your changes.

All the emails you will send from this account will have the new signature attached at the end.


As you can see from this guide, changing your email signature in Windows Phone is very easy. Don't forget that each email account has its own different signature. If you have more than one account on your Windows Phone, change it for each of them, using the procedure shared above.