14 replies on How to Edit Your Pictures with Windows Photo Gallery

  1. allan says:

    I have followed the advice about editing in Windows Live Photo Gallery but my edits are not saved. Does the order in which I activate edit commands make a difference? For some reason I go first to the “crop” command and then the others in no particular order. My PC is running on the Windows 7 platform. Someone please straighten me out!!

  2. Becky Martin says:

    Retouch: I click on retouch. Then I go to spot to make rectangle around but nothing happens. How do I click so I can make a rectangle as nothing seems to appear.

  3. teresa says:

    Thank you I couldnt find apply option to save my cropped photo. This was helpful

  4. mark says:

    Since updating to windows 10 I have a large white square coming up on editing which obscures a third of the photo. Can anyone advise thankyou

  5. Chrissy says:

    I have the same problem as Mark, a white square on left side of photo. Has only happened since updating to windows 10. Any answers. Thanks.

  6. Kiyoko says:

    I like your help with editing photos, but one thing I did not see at all, is how to resize a photo, for instance, email size; say reducing a 2.5 MB photo to 150 KB. This was a great feature on Microsoft Picture Manager, which does not seem to exist on Windows Photo Gallery. Please help!

  7. Ian says:

    On Photo Gallery you used to be able to touch up photos with a paint brush. ie. you could remove a flagpole that looked as though it was growing out of someones head! But not any more??

  8. Raju says:

    Office Picture Manager not found. Picture editing, compress, change etc not worked. Very very bad system.Please suggest me or online correction the program. Please please please……

  9. Lisa says:

    THANK YOU!! I had no idea this ‘photo gallery’ was a thing, I have the original images on my phone, just needed to upload cropped versions when necessary to Facebook through Dropbox on my PC, and this helped me so much!!!

  10. Mary Jane Taylor maryjanetaylor@sbcglobal.net says:

    where can I buy Windows Live Photo Gallery for my windows 10 computer? it disappeared with the latest update

  11. barry says:

    I save my jpg image to my HD. Propertes say it’s a Photo Gallery Image. But when I find the image and open it I can edit it. When I click edit it takes me to another part of the computer with other images I recognize, but the one I want to work on isn’t there. While most of the time I don’t get this, the times it does happen end up being a total waste of time on the computer cuz nothing seems to work. I can edit it in Paint but Paint isn’t enough. Help! It’s got to be something stupidly simple right?

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