How to download offline maps on your Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile

One of the most essential things you need when you go on vacation is to get the right directions. Not really knowing where you are and how to get to your destination can ruin a trip, especially if you don't speak the local language to ask for directions. In such s ituations, your smartphone with Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile can be helpful because if offers you the opportunity to download maps and have them available offline, even when you don't have a 3G or 4G data connection available. This way, you can avoid roaming charges and be able to find your way, anywhere you go. Here's how it works:

How to download offline maps on Windows Phone 8.1

Before you start, make sure that you have a WiFi connection. Downloading maps involves a lot of data being transferred and you should avoid using your data plan f or this task.

Now, go to the Apps List and tap Settings.

In the Settings menu, swipe to the applications section, and tap maps .

In the maps screen, tap the download maps button.

You will see a list with all your installed offline maps. Now, tap the add button found on the bottom of the screen.

Let's say you want to spend your vacation in Corsica, France. First, choose the continent, then the country and you will see a list with maps from that country.

Tap the region that you want and then the Download button. Your map is downloaded immediately. If you close the app, the download will pause and it will start as soon as you come back to this screen. We advise you to wait until the map that you want is downloaded, before going to another screen.

It's time to test the map. From the Apps list tap Maps and search for the region that you downloaded. Try getting used to the app and its features before leaving on vacation.

How to download offline maps on Windows 10 Mobile

In Windows 10 Mobile, the process is quite similar. First, go to your Apps list and press Settings.

Next, tap System in the settings list.

Now, scroll down and tap the Offline maps option.

In the Offline maps screen, press the Download maps button placed next to a plus sign.

It's time to choose the continent and then the country. Under each country the size of the map will be displayed.

Once you tap the map that you wish to download, you'll see the progress in the Offline maps screen. Make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection turned on. Unlike in Windows Phone, in Windows 10 Mobile it's not necessary to wait until the map is downloaded. The download will continue even if you close the Settings app or switch to another app.

When the map is downloaded, you are ready to navigate using your offline map, in the Maps app.


Getting lost is one of the biggest problem that occurs during a vacation.Your smartphone with Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile will solve this problem quickly and at no cost. Just download the map that you need and you're ready to go, even if you don't have cellular connection. Some maps don't just show the direction but also include hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions.