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  1. Claus says:

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for a wonderful tutorial. I link win 7-32bit, and I don’t want to run win 10, on my machine.
    Your explanation to remove the GWX.exe app, was very good and clear.
    thanks a lot
    Claus, Denmark

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      We’re glad to have helped. If you want to stay in touch with our upcoming tutorials, don’t hesitate to subscribe to our website.

    • Steve says:

      I uninstalled the update, but the application still runs! And I looked to see if it installed again and it doesn’t show up on the list of installed windows updates anymore. I have manually deleted the folder and it still shows up. Any other suggestions? Its about as bad as a virus to get rid of.

  2. Ravonseed says:

    A Big Thanks! Most informative; simple, clear and distinct. With your guidance I found ‘KB3035583’ and deleted it. I have great respect for Windows Programs but nobody should be force fed their latest updates in this manner.

  3. Nick Cigic says:

    I did install windows 10 and after that my computer was slower than slow I stopped all apps that I could find running and still very slow. Hat to go back to win 7 and it loaded annoying update notification, thanks for helping me remove it..

  4. Megan Ryan says:

    Thanks a bunch :3 I had to use my other laptop to look up how to remove that annoyance from my computer-notification, update and GWX too. And then I changed the windows update settings to check updates BUT LET ME DOWNLOAD and INSTALL-THIS IS THE 3RD time windows update wasted my time. AND I had it! Nobody should be forced to be force-installed updates to their computers. AND THE ONLY TIME I want Windows 10 IS WHEN I get it on a new laptop-NOT MY WINDOWS 7 laptop! SO STAY OFF MICROSOFT and just wait until I complain to them about this sneak attack-their so screwed!

    Also another trick guys-Is after you do all this and do defragment and whatnot-Also turn off computer, unplug charger and mouse and usb drive or sd card you got in there, take out your battery for abit, clean it and then put it back in. 🙂 I learned that little trick when dealing with weirdness in the past.

    Anyway thanks 7tutorials for this fast, easy, simple and understanding tutorial to rid us of the Windows 10 FORCE-FED TERROR.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      I’m glad that we were able to help. Cheers!

      • Megan Ryan says:

        Your very welcome :3 I saw your article when I was trying to figure out the problem and boom! Found ya, read the article, put two and two together and did the procedure on both computers for safe measures. I’m gonna check my Pop’s computer today to ensure things are alright with his and disable the notifies and remove the GWX and KB3035583 in case.

  5. Thomas P. says:

    Several programs were gone after the ‘upgrade’ .
    Web pages refused to load, among many other issues .
    My systems would barely run after Win 10 install . After looking forward to the ‘upgrade , it turned out to be a huge disappointment . I always thought upgrades were improvements . Wrong .

  6. Mary says:

    Thanks so much. I was being plagued with the nonsense and now it’s gone, for good, I hope.

    I am in the UK.

  7. sujith says:

    thanks from my end too.

  8. Chris Vee says:

    Thanks, one question though. Do I need to turn off windows updates in order for this update to stay off of my device?

  9. Rwolf says:

    Doing GODs work boys <3

  10. Richard F says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I finally got rid of that annoying update icon! I too did the upgrade and regretted it from the start. I found it to be too intrusive, and didn’t care for not having any control on what updates I wanted or didn’t want installed on MY computer!

  11. James L. says:

    It’s not enough to just uninstall KB3035583, because Windows will soon auto-update/install KB3035583, and the nagging process restarts. Immediately after uninstalling KB3035583 and restarting Windows, check for updates and hide KB3035583 from auto-update to permanently get rid of the notification.

  12. Michael says:

    How do I locate windows 10 after it has been downloaded but not yet installed, so I can delete it completely from my pc?
    Have removed the notification app. but in, “check for updates”, it keeps telling me to restart computer to initiate installation process of win 10 upgrade… Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  13. Michael says:

    By the way: I probable should have said I’m operating on windows 7 Home Premium- my bad. ;-D

  14. chip says:

    GWT – pretty clever Microsoft. Thanks for this Codrut Neagu.

  15. Bmurph says:

    Thanks a whole lot for this info, Windows 10 is even a bigger mistake than Windows ME.

  16. Jim says:

    I cant find KB3035583
    there is only K3035126
    and K3035017
    what should i remove?
    Apreciate your help

  17. Paul says:

    I was able to turn off both the GWX and the ‘low disk space’ notifications. Thank you.

  18. Mike says:

    Thank you for showing us how to finally get rid of the windows 10 update and notifications, it was really annoying to keep ending the gwx process from task manager every time I started my laptop just to stop the pop-up and annoying message.

    You have my utmost gratitude 😀

  19. om bragha says:

    THANKS for posting this.

  20. Fendi says:

    THANKS for sharing this post….. My PC doesnt supported window 10 coz some driver cant supported window 10. Beware to upgrade window 10.

  21. Deon says:

    Good day , thank you for sharing , could somebody please advise me how to uninstall “Start installing the newest version of windows now.” in windows update which has downloaded without my permission on my machine -windows 7 ultimate 32 bit . Grateful for any assistance . Deon – Johannesburg RSA.

  22. Dave says:

    I followed each instruction … hid “Get Windows 10” in the systray … uninstalled KB3035583 … hid the “Important Update” that keeps trying to reinstall the notification (it is no longer on the list … GWX folder not on my system … yet … amazingly … within minutes the important update is automatically checked off to be re-installed when I shutdown the computer (Asus Laptop Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit). There is no way to stop this. I never had plans to install Windows 10, and if this Windows Upgrade Notification Virus is any indication, we should all be RUNNING .. not walking away … from Microsoft.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I no longer have the icon, but Windows Update refuses to install any Win 7 updates and instead there is a button that says, “start installing the newest version of windows now”. Begin. How do you make windows update revert back to supporting the OS you are running??

  24. neelakantan says:

    Your suggestion is very clearly explained and very easy to follow. It has helped me a lot. Thank you very much. Best regards

  25. Tony deMontigny says:

    Thank you for the Windows 10 removal tip re “update now”. It was a pain in the ass. You are awesome!

  26. Kyle says:

    Is this article outdated? I uninstalled KB3035583 before, and now I’m getting Windows 10 notifications again, but KB3035583 doesn’t show up in Control Panel anymore.

    • D427ZI says:

      Do a search on google after freeware tool called “GWX Control Panel”…download it, run it, and then click the “Disable Get Windows 10 App (permanently remove icon)” button, after that click the “Disable Operating System Upgrades in Windows Update” button too… also remove or stay away from these crap:
      …close Windows update and from now on get only the security updates!

  27. lynch says:

    installed win 10 because it said it was compatible with my machine found out after some of the drivers i need dont work with it, it also erases your factory reset. had to do a complete reformat to get win 7 back only to see the damn notification again. thanks for the clear tutorial on how to stop it. CHEERS!

  28. Ray S. says:

    Many THANKS for helping me get rid of that ANNOYING Windows 10 icon! (When I WANT Windows 10, I’ll GET Windows 10, thank you very much! Unfortunately, it’ll probably still be sooner than I want, but now, at least I have a LITTLE control over it!)

  29. Dyl says:

    Thank you so much for this, I had windows 10 on my laptop during it’s initial launch. However I had to downgrade because my laptop couldn’t handle it. It never completely shut down and required a manual shut down, which meant Hibernation and sleep modes were not possible any more. Also the start up time took 2-3 times longer than 8.1. I kept getting the windows 10 notification and I was constantly nervous that it would forcefully update my laptop. Now thanks to you I was able to completely get rid of it.

  30. Michelle Krohn says:

    Wonderful tutorial how to uninstall windows 10. I don’t like windows 8 at all and windows 10 sounds too complicated for me. I love my window 7 and will use it as long as it is supported. Thank you for helping me get rid of the annoying pop-ups. What was even more annoying when I was told that I will be updated by April 11, if you like it or not. I hate threats.

  31. Josip says:

    thank you so much for making this!

  32. Lauri says:

    I followed your tutorial, however now my computer will not boot and continuously get hung up on “configuring windows updates 100% complete.”


  33. MughaL says:

    Thanks alto sir, this article really helped me to remove GWX.exe

  34. m says:

    does not work!
    my computer doesn’t have the Step 1 button

  35. p oed says:

    bogus. can’t uninstall. stop wasting our time with click bait.

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