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  1. JP says:

    Hi! I’m using windows 7 ultimate. i’ve been used to relocate my taskbar in the left side dragging it wider, then setting the taskbar items to small icons and removing the combining feature. It’s a good sight because i can see all the taskbar items individually and nicely lined vertically, and with the text on, you will know what those icons represent with just a glance..
    I liked the setup, until i got me a game (fallout 3) that has incompatibility with aero and everytime i run the game, it turns my display to win7 basic mode, at the same time changing the size of my taskbar to the original size. cramping all the systray icons to pile up to 1/3 of my taskbar size 🙁
    Does anyone know a tweak that will make the setting of the taskbar, including size, to stay the same even when the display mode transitions from aero to basic or vice-versa?

  2. Alan Cast says:

    > Address – this will add a web address toolbar … the same results just by typing a web-address in the Start Menu search field … pretty redundant.

    Not at all! You use address bar history to choose any address, e.g. folder that you wish to open. So in 2 clicks you open any frequently used folder, without the need in many shortcuts or entering “Start” menu, typing, searching etc.
    The only problem is that the width of the drop-down list is small, you don’t see the pull path, that’s the pain.
    Anyone help? How to force the width to be larger?

  3. Seraj Ahmed says:

    I want to open explorer or chrome, but it’s thumbnail shouldn’t be high lighted on taskbar, it should be disable even if page is open…HOW ?

  4. Mike Vowell says:

    I cannot remember how to change the view of folders that are on the taskbar. I have one Laptop with Win 7 Ultimate and when I hover over the folder icon on the taskbar, I get a list of all live drives/folders. One line for each.
    I have recently loaded the same OS on another Laptop and I get a large picture of each open drive or folder anyone of which pops up if I move the mouse over it. I work with a large number of external drives and a simple listing is what I need. Can anyone remind me where I found the option to change this setting?

    • terry howard says:

      Hi Mike, I have the same question. Did you ever get an answer? If so please forward. Thanks,


      • Mike Vowell says:

        If this reply is being repeated please forgive me. I cannot see anyway to actually send the reply after I’ve completed the captcha. All that is available is “Preview” and this only seems to confirm that the captcha was correct and I can Save or Preview yet again. Nothing about sending, unless save is send mis-spelt!. Here goes again…

        Go to Control Panel – Personalization. Select Windows Classic as the desktop theme. This should work.

  5. Fabio Di Prima says:

    Does anyone know where W7 records the data (position etc.) of the toolbars in the taskbar? It’s 2 months that my toolbars have become crazy and are reset to the right (opposite of left) absolutely WRONG position in the taskbar.
    Thanks a lot for your aid

  6. Michael Maurer says:

    What setting handles what is displayed on the task bar when multiple IE tabs are open. That is to say, we see the URL of multiple webpages on the taskbar icons, but not the actual title of the tab. This makes it harder to know what tab we’re toggling between when multiple IE pages/tabs are open at once.

  7. Barb D says:

    windows 8 I have on my PC. But Using a laptop with Windows 7 now. How can I hide/shrink back all the Links on the bottom of toolbar on right side? (Windows 8 had it’s own way.)

    • Barb Dols says:

      maybe it’s called Taskbar… it’s on the bottom next to the clock. I have 8 icons sitting there I’d like to ‘hide’

  8. Frisky says:

    When i want to change the position of my taskbar it wont change.Please Help!

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