How To Customize Maps In Here Drive+ For Windows Phone

Here Drive+ for Windows Phone is one of the most reliable GPS navigation apps in the Store. The app is bundled with a lot of features that are detailed in several guides we published. An important part of the navigation experience is the way your maps look. A good map should contain all sorts of information but it should also be light, so you can follow it easily. Of course, the way a good map looks is a matter of personal preference. In this article we will show you how to customize your maps in Here Drive+ to be as you want them to. Let's get started:

How To Customize Your Maps When Using Here Drive+ For Windows Phone

First, open the Here Drive+ app and tap Map options for more details.

The first option, Traffic flows allows you to customize the way your app gets live traffic updates and displays them on the map.

First, you can enable or disable this feature. Remember that you need an Internet connection in order to get live traffic updates so make sure online mode is enabled. Below you can choose the time frame at which the traffic info will update. If you want to save your data plan, select "During navigation, hide traffic flows that don't affect my route".

If you go back to the Map Options screen you can allow the app to display Landmarks on your map.

In the same screen you have Day/night view.

This mode will not affect the brightness of the screen, but the colors the map uses: bright colors during the day and dark colors during the night. By default, this option is set on Automatic.

The way it works is pretty simple. The Day mode switches on automatically at sunrise and the Night mode switches on at sunset or when you enter a tunnel. However, if you want, you can choose the Day mode or the Night mode as you please.

In the Map options screen you can also set the Orientation of your map. You can choose 3D, 2D or North-up.

Pressing Favourites you can enable the display of your favourite places on the map and below you can enable or disable Auto-zoom.

The last option in the Map options screen is Show on map.

On this screen, you can select the points of interest you want to see on the map such as Hospitals, Hotels, Petrol stations and so on.

When you are done configuring all your settings, you can get back to the main menu without worries as your changes are saved automatically and instantly applied.


As you can see, customizing your map in Here Drive+ is a pretty simple thing to do. All the options are grouped in one screen so they are easily reached. Now, the map you use for navigation has the settings you want. The procedure can be done really quickly. For more tips on how you can use Here Drive+ read our recommendations below.