How To Create & Use Live Folders On Your Windows Phone's Start Screen

Windows Phone users always asked for a way to create folders on their Start screen. Depending on the smartphone they had, some users could use apps that were designed to offer this feature. However, these apps were only available for Nokia and Samsung smartphones while smartphones made by other manufacturers did not have any apps available. Luckily, with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, Microsoft has introduced Live Folders for all Windows Phone devices. With them, you will be able to better organize your Start screen and create your own live folders, no matter of the smartphone you are using. Here's how this feature works:

IMPORTANT: Live Folders is a feature that was introduced in Update 1 for Windows Phone 8.1. This update will soon become available for every Windows Phone user. When making this guide, we assumed that you already know how to pin things and also how to resize, move or unpin tiles on the Start screen.

How To Create A Live Folder On Your Windows Phone's Start Screen

You will need at least two tiles which you want to combine so that they can make up a Live Folder. First, tap and hold a tile until it goes into the foreground.

Then, move the tile until it is positioned over the second tile.

Once you've dropped this tile onto the other, the Live Folder is created automatically and you can see its contents.

To add more tiles to this Live Folder, simply drag and drop them on top of it.

The tile of a Live Folder displays minified versions of the tiles inside it. The beauty of Live Folders is that if those tiles were live tiles, they will continue to be live tiles. They won't become static!

How To Name Or Rename A Live Folder

Open the Live Folder by tapping on it. Then, tap and hold on any tile inside, until the folder enters the edit mode. Tap the Name folder entry on the top delimitation bar.

Enter the name you wish to use for this Live Folder and tap Enter.

NOTE: Instead of first tapping a tile inside the Live Folder, you can also directly tap and hold the upper delimitation bar until the Name folder text field is displayed.

How To Resize Or Move A Live Folder

Live Folders act just like normal tiles when it comes to resizing or moving them. We covered these subjects in detail, in the first two sections of this tutorial: How to Resize, Move or Unpin Tiles on the Start Screen in Windows Phone 8.
We would like to point out that Live Folders can be resized in all three sizes available: small, medium and wide.

How To Close A Live Folder

To close a Live Folder, you can tap on it again, tap anywhere empty on the Start screen or tap the Start button on your smartphone.

How To Delete A Live Folder

Live Folders cannot be simply deleted or unpinned from the Start screen. In order to eliminate a Live Folder, you will have to empty it. Once there are no more tiles inside it, the Live Folder will simply disappear.

A Few Ideas For What Could Live Folders Be Useful

Live Folders are great. While using this feature, we ended up completely reorganizing our Windows Phones. Furthermore, after a couple of days later, we've come to the conclusion that we could never go back to our old Start screens. This feature is very well done and we love using it.

Here are a few ideas on how you could better organize the tiles on your Start screen, using this feature:

  • Create a Live Folder for all your messaging apps like Skype, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.
  • Create a Live Folder for your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.
  • Create Live Folders for your office apps, news, media, games, tools etc.

In the end, you might end up with something like this:


Live Folders are a great feature and one that has been expected by many Windows Phone users for a long time. We think it's great and we're sure you'll agree with us. Once you start using Live Folders, don't hesitate to share your experiences using the comments form below.