How To Create Lists In Microsoft Word For Android

If you are a busy person, like to keep your life organized, or you just simply need to remember important stuff sometimes, then you surely know how handy lists can be. No matter whether you are going shopping, getting ready for a trip or putting together a business plan, lists can help you stay organized by structuring information both visually and in a way that it makes sense. Let's see how to create all kinds of lists in Microsoft Word on Android!

NOTE: Before going any further, the first steps are, of course, launching Word and creating a new document or opening an existing one: follow the links to read the tutorials about these tasks.

How To Create Unordered Lists In Microsoft Word For Android

Enter some text that you want to be organized in a list: you should enter the list elements on new lines, so the result looks something like this:

Unordered lists are a great way for structuring information when the list elements' order does not matter: shopping lists, daily to-do lists, or travel checklistsl. To create such lists, select your list elements.

Then tap the A icon in the top row to open the Home menu.

Now, scroll through the Home menu, until you see the two list types: Bullets and Numbering.

Tap Bullets to access unordered list types.

Tap one of the symbols you like from the list: this will mark the different list elements.

That's it! You have created a simple, unordered list.

To turn off the bullets and disable this list, select the list elements and tap Bullets.

Then tap the None icon from the list of bullets.

There you have it: the list has been turned off.