4 replies on How to create and use VPN connections in Windows 7

  1. Joe says:

    I think you left out that win7 vpn is assuming it’s connecting to another windows server at work. IE: win7 to win7 OS. Have not seen “open vpn” software be so insecure as to base connection on login id and password. Is it at all possible to configure win7 vpn to use “open vpn” certs?

  2. Sally C. says:

    Sometimes, I don’t want to expose my browsing routine, so I like using cheap VPN for staying protected.

  3. Reginald Clarke says:

    I have configured one machine windows 7 pro as a vpn server.I have also configured windows 7 pro as a client at a remote destination. The protocol used for the vpn is l2tp/ipsec tunnel. I have opened up tcp port 1723 both external and internal, and udp ports 500, 1701, 4500 both external and internal on the default gateway on the server’s network. The server and client both use static ip’s.Additionally, i have also allowed those ports access on the Norton Firewall which is managing windows firewall.The preshared key that i am using is the default gateway’s password. Is that correct? Nevertheless, whenever i attempt to connect i get error “868error message (868) indicates also a problem because the name of the remote access server did not resolve”. I have followed the instructions step by step according to your article.In the client connection properties i entered the correct host name,tunneling protocol and advance setting in the Security tab. Please kindly assist

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