How To Create And Save A Word Document In Microsoft Office For Android

No matter where you work or learn, or what you do everyday, there will surely come a time, when you need to write a document. That could be an official letter, a university thesis, or maybe just a more fancy invitation to your birthday party. As one of the best word processors on the market, Microsoft Word is a great tool for all your document needs. Let's see how you can start working with it on your Android device:

How To Start Using Microsoft Word For Android

NOTE: This tutorial relies on the new Microsoft Word app for Android, which replaces the old Microsoft Office Mobile. If you're still using the old version, consider upgrading.

You can download and install Microsoft Word on your Android device in a couple of simple steps following our previous guide. When you're done with that, fire up Microsoft Word. Tap the All apps icon on the home screen, that looks like a grid of dots.

Look for the Word icon and tap it to launch the app.

Upon first start you will have to wait a bit on the initial setup screen. It shouldn't take more than 1-2 minutes.

When everything's done, you will see a welcome screen, like this one. Scroll to the right twice to start using the app.

Now you will be able to login using your Microsoft Account, create a new one, or start using Word without an account. You should note that you cannot edit or save documents without an account, so tap Sign in. If you don't already have a Microsoft Account (formerly known as Windows Live ID), you can read about what it means and how to create one in this article.

Now tap in the text field and type in the email address or phone number of your Microsoft Account, then tap Next to continue.

You will be taken to the Microsoft Account sign-in page. Type your password in the Password field and tap Sign in.

Word will now connect to your Microsoft Account, which will take a minute at most.

When this is done, tap Start using Word to access your files.

Here you will have the chance to add your Dropbox account to access files stored there. Since this is not the purpose of this tutorial, tap Not now to continue.

It's worth mentioning that, once you've entered your Microsoft account credentials, the list of your files from OneDrive will automatically load, and so will any documents found on your device.

How To Create A New Document On Microsoft Word For Android

When you're done with all the initial steps, you can create a new document. Tap New to create a new Word document.

Here you will be presented with a list of templates. You can choose any of them if you want a preformatted document, or just tap Blank document to start with the default, empty one.

Now you can finally be creative! Here you can type and format text, similarly to Microsoft Word on Windows.

How To Save A Document On Microsoft Word For Android

When you're done editing the document, tap the Save icon that looks like a floppy disk.

In the bottom of the next screen you can name your document. Just tap in the bottom field and type a name.

Staying on this screen, you can choose where to save your document. By default, you can save to your OneDrive account, or to the device you're using Word on. For now, tap This device.

You will see the folders on your device. We have chosen to save in the Documents folder: tap on it, or any other folder you would like to save to.

Finally, tap the Save button in the bottom right corner, to save your Word document.

If you want to save your new document to your OneDrive, then, after tapping the Save icon and naming your document, tap on OneDrive.

Then choose a folder from the ones on your OneDrive and tap on it.

Finally, tap Save to save your document.

The next time you open up Word, you won't need to go through the whole setup process: you will be presented with all your documents from OneDrive and the current device, and you will just need to tap New to create a new document.


The first-time setup of Microsoft Word on Android involves a couple of necessary steps, but you just have to do it once. To have any real use out of the app, you will need a Microsoft Account, but registering one is a quick process.

Once you're done with the initial setup and have a Microsoft Account, creating and saving a new Word document is very simple, no matter where you are saving the document. Follow our series of tutorials for Microsoft Office for Android in order to get to know the apps. And of course, if you have any questions, leave us a comment!