3 replies on How to change the bandwidth limits for Windows 10 updates

  1. Navin says:

    Hi, very well explained tutorial. Just a query on the windows 10 updates. What is the maximum speed windows 10 would allow a single user for downloading updates? I have a 100 Mbps plan. So if I dont set a limit, will windows try to consume the whole 100 Mbps?

    • Codrut Neagu says:

      Hello! Unless you set bandwidth limits, then yes, theoretically, Windows 10 can use all your bandwidth to download updates. However, I don’t think that happens in real life, as there are probably other apps and processes that compete for bandwidth, and the operating system knows how to balance them. Also, if you’re behind a router, it probably has a sort of QoS function too.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Windows 10 doesn’t have a set limit for the speed at which it downloads updates.

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