How to Connect To or Remove Wi-Fi Networks in Windows Phone 8

We purchase smartphones not only because we want a phone but also a productivity device that's always connected to the Internet. That's why connecting to wireless networks of all kinds is very important for smartphone users, and Windows Phone 8 makes it easy to connect to all kinds of networks. Also, you can easily remove wireless networks from your smartphone's memory when you no longer use them. In this tutorial I will show how to enable the WiFi chip in Windows Phone 8, how to connect to new wireless networks and how to delete one or more wireless networks.

How to Activate the Wi-Fi Chip in Windows Phone 8

Activating the wireless network card in Windows Phone 8 is very easy. Open your phone's Settings by tapping its entry in the Apps list.

In the System list, look for an entry named WiFi and tap on it.

On the newly opened screen you'll find a switch named Wi-Fi networking and an advanced button. Change the position of the switch from Off to On.

Windows Phone 8 automatically starts the search for available wireless networks. All available networks are listed under the WiFi networking switch.

How to Connect to a Wireless Network in Windows Phone 8

For each network, a note is displayed under its name. It shares if the network is open (meaning everyone can connect to it) or secured (meaning you have to provide a password in order to be able to connect). If you are connected to a network, it simply lets you know that you are already connected to it.

Tap the network you want to connect to. If the network you chose is an open one, Windows Phone will automatically try to connect, without asking for a password.
If the network you want to connect to is a secured one, you'll have to provide a valid password after you tap the name of the network. If you want to double check the password before moving forward, tap Show password. Then, tap done to connect to it.

If everything worked well, Windows Phone 8 will take you back to the WiFi screen, where you'll see that the network you chose is listed as connected.
If the password you entered is wrong, you'll be asked to re-enter it. If something else went wrong, Windows Phone 8 will tell you the connection was unsuccessful.

How to Forget Wireless Networks After You Have Connected to Them

After using your Windows Phone 8 for a couple of months, you will notice that it remembers the connection details for many wireless networks, including networks you no longer use or that have changed their configuration.

In this scenario it is best to forget (or delete) these networks from your smartphone's memory. To do this go Settings -> WiFi as shown previously in this tutorial. Then, tap the advanced button.

You will see a couple of settings, followed by the list of Known networks. To delete a network, tap and hold on its name. Then, tap delete.

To delete more networks, it is best to tap the select button on the bottom menu.

Tap the wireless networks you want to forget and then tap delete on the bottom menu.


As you can see, Windows Phone 8 makes it easy to connect to wireless networks and to remove them when they are no longer required. If you have any questions on this subject, don't hesitate to ask using the comments form below.