How To Completely Reset Cortana On A Windows 10 PC Or Device

Cortana is a great virtual assistant that can help you in many ways. To be able to do most of her work, she needs to collect, analyze and store information about you. It's a lot of personal information that, at some point you might want her to forget and start over in knowing you. In order to do that, you'll need to reset her, so that's why we thought it would be a good idea to show you how. This article is all about resetting Cortana:

How To Reset Cortana On Your Windows 10 Device

Resetting Cortana on your device is a very simple and straightforward process. All you have to do is first disable her and then re-enable her again. Then, Cortana will have forgotten every piece of information she knew about you on your device.

To do that, open Cortana's Notebook and go to the Settings section.

The first section from Cortana's Settings is where you'll find the switch for enabling or disabling Cortana on your Windows 10 device. You can't miss it: it's also the section where you have the foreword for Cortana, which explicitly tells you that "Turning off Cortana clears what Cortana knows on this device, but won't delete anything from the Notebook. After Cortana is off, you can decide what you'd like to do with anything still stored in the cloud".

To point out the obvious, if you want Cortana to forget most of what she knows about you, but only on the device you're currently using, disable her by turning her switch off.

Then, when you'll enable Cortana again, since she doesn't know much about you, she will ask you to perform her first time setup all over again. For details about this simple process, check our short guide: How To Setup Cortana For The First Time, in Windows 10.

However, even if you cleared most of the information Cortana knows about you, you only did that for the device you're currently using.

To make her forget everything she ever knew about you, you'll also need to clear all the information she keeps in the cloud.

How To Clear All The Information Cortana Stored In The Cloud

Once you turned Cortana off on your Windows 10 device, click or tap on the link called "Manage what Cortana knows about me in the cloud" from her Notebook's Settings area.

This action will trigger the launch of your main browser and then take you to your Bing Settings webpage.

On your Bing Settings page, you'll need to clear a few things:

  • Interests - click or tap on the Clear button so that you remove any saved favorites and interests from Bing, MSN and Cortana.
  • Other Cortana Data and Personalized Speech, Inking and Typing - click or tap on the Clear button to make Cortana forget any information she stored in the cloud about you regarding your calendar, contacts, location, browsing history and so on.

Now Cortana will have no data about you, and when you'll decide to use her again, she'll have to start learning about you again.


As you've seen, resetting Cortana is not very difficult, but it is a split process that involves changing settings both on your Windows 10 device and your Bing settings webpage. Would you have preferred to have all the settings in only one place? For any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to use the comments form below.