How to check the duration of any call in Windows Phone

We all have someone we spend a lot of time talking to on the phone. So, you might want to check how much time you spent talking to him/her. The duration of a phone call in Windows Phone isn't displayed in plain sight, but it's actually really easy to find it. In this article we will show you how to check the duration of any phone call in Windows Phone, in the simplest way possible. Let's get started:

How to check the duration of any call in Windows Phone

Checking the duration of a phone call is quite simple. First, you need to access Phone from the App List or the Start screen, if you pinned it there.

Now, go to the history section. It will display all the calls you made and received. The app groups the calls from the same caller to avoid repetition. If you made or received 3 calls from a contact in a day, this number will be displayed next to the name of that contact.

If you want to check the duration of any call in your history, press and hold the contact you are interested in. This wi ll cause a pop-up menu to open. Press details to continue.

In the details screen you will see the name of the contact, the hour of the call and finally, the duration.

If there were more calls in a day between you and a certain contact, a list with the same details shown above will be displayed for every call.


As you may have noticed, checking the duration of a phone call isn't very obvious, so you may spend a while trying to figure out how to do it. However, the procedure is really simple, once someone shares it with you and it can be done really quickly. For other tips on how to use other features in Windows Phone, read our recommendations below.