How to Change the Country & Region Used by Windows Phone 8

You may buy a Windows Phone 8 smartphone from a foreign country or you may forget to customize its default configuration, and the wrong country and region are set. Whatever the reason, this means that you don't get access to local apps and services that are available for your specific country. If that's the case for your Windows Phone 8 smartphone, you need to change its country and region. Here's how this is done.

How to Change Your Country & Region in Windows Phone 8

First, open your smartphone's Settings. Then, scroll down until you see the language+region entry and tap on it.

Here you will find several configuration options: Phone language, Country/Region, Regional format and Browser and search language.

The first option is for changing the display language used by your Windows Phone. We covered this subject in a separate tutorial: How to Change the Display Language in Windows Phone 8.

The second option is named Country/Region and it does what it says: it allows you to change the region for your Windows Phone. This change has impact on what you see in the Windows Phone Store and the localized services and apps you get access to.

Tap the Country/Region entry and a new screen is displayed. You will see a long list of countries and regions.

Tap the one you want to use. This takes you back to the previous screen. On the bottom of this screen you will see a blue "restart required" notification, right under the restart phone button. Tap this button and wait until your Windows Phone restarts.

When you log back to Windows Phone, the new country is applied to the operating system and all apps and services.

NOTE: Switching to a new country doesn't automatically change the other locale settings, like your phone's display language or your browser's language. They will remain as they were.


Changing the region & country settings in Windows Phone 8 is not exactly complicated. It involves a few taps and a restart. If you have any questions about the procedure above, don't hesitate to leave a comment.