How To Block Unwanted Calls And SMS On Windows Phones

Don't you hate when you receive calls from a cold sales contact on a Sunday morning or you're constantly bothered by people you want out of your life? Either way, Windows Phone offers you a solution to block those calls using a really simple app. If you own a Lumia model the app is a little different from other Windows Phone smartphones but they are both really easy to configure. In this article, we will show you how to block unwanted calls and text messages. Let's go:

How To Block Calls And SMS On Lumia Smartphones

On your Lumia smartphone, go to your App list and press Settings.

Scroll down and tap the call+SMS filter option. This option is usually found somewhere at the bottom of the options list.

Now, you need to turn on Block calls+SMS from the call+SMS filter screen.

Next, go to your call history or messaging screen to find the numbers you want to block. Press and hold the number you want to block and a pop-up menu will appear. Tap block number… to continue.

You will be asked if you want to add the number to your blocked number list. Tap ok to continue.

If you want to view your blocked numbers list, go back to the call+SMS filter screen and tap the blocked numbers button.

Here, you can also unblock the numbers you previously blocked. Press and hold any number and press unblock from the pop-up menu.

Another feature this app offers is the fact that you can set a Live Tile on your Start screen which will display the number of blocked calls and SMS received.

To set a Live Tile on your Start screen go to the call+SMS filter screen and press the advanced button.

Now, in the advancedscreen, turn on App Live Tile. On the same screen you can also enable notifications about blocked calls or SMS and you can also block withheld numbers.

If you enable Notifications, you will be notified every time you receive a call or an SMS from a blocked number.

Although this app may prove to be useful, it has a disadvantage. You can only block the numbers found in the call history or messaging screen. You can't type or add the numbers found in your contacts list. This means you first need to receive a SMS or a call from a certain person in order to be able to block his/her number.

How To Block Calls On Non-Lumia Windows Phones

Smartphones running Windows Phone but not from the Lumia lineup have another option, slightly different, capable of blocking calls, but not SMS. To reach this option, tap Settings from the App list.

Now, scroll down and tap the call blocking option.

In the call blocking screen you can enable the Block unknown calls option, so the anonymous incoming calls will be automatically rejected.

In the same screen, you have two options when it comes to blocking certain phone numbers: add by keypad and add from contacts.

If the phone number you want to block isn't saved in your contacts list, press add by keypad.

Next, type the phone number, a name, choose a criteria for blocking calls and press Save.

You will be notified that the number was added successfully.

If the number is saved in your contacts list, tap add from contacts from the call blocking screen.

Next, choose a contact from the list and tap on it.

Now, you can rename the contact and choose a criteria for blocking numbers. Press Save and the number will be added to your blocked numbers list.

If you want to view the blocked calls history, press view blocked calls history from the call blocking screen.

If you want to remove the blocked numbers from your list, press remove blocked numbers button from the call blocking screen.

Next, check the box of the numbers you want to unblock and press the remove button from the lower menu bar.

Now, you be prompted to confirm your choice. Press ok to continue.

Similarly to the app available on Lumia smartphones, this one has a drawback too: the app isn't able to block text messages. However, you can block any number you want, regardless of its presence in the call history and also you can block a number directly from your contacts list.


As you can see from this guide, both apps are really easy to use and both of them have advantages and disadvantages. Overall, this app can be really useful when you don't want to be bothered by harassing phone calls or people you want out of your life. If you have other questions or you know other efficient ways to block calls or SMS don't hesitate to share them with us in the comments below.