How To Automatically Upload Your Pictures To Dropbox On Your Windows Phone

If you are a heavy Dropbox user, you may want to set your Windows Phone smartphone to automatically upload all the pictures you take, to your Dropbox account. This can be easily done, by following just a few steps. Here's how:

NOTE: Windows Phone offers by default an automatic backup feature that works for all your pictures and videos. They are automatically stored on your OneDrive account. More details are shared in this tutorial: How to Backup Your Windows Phone 8 Data Automatically. If you enable the automatic upload to Dropbox, Windows Phone will keep uploading your pictures and videos also to OneDrive, until you turn off this feature.

How To Turn On The Automatic Camera Upload To Dropbox

The Dropbox app for Windows Phone allows you to automatically create backups of all your pictures to your Dropbox account. In order to enable this feature, you must have it installed on your Windows Phone. If you'd like to see some brief information about the Dropbox app for Windows Phone, check this guide: How To Use Dropbox On Your Windows Phone Smartphone .

In the Dropbox app, switch to the Pictures screen. Then, in the upper side of the screen, you'll see an option to Turn on Camera Upload. Tap the Enable button to its right and you will get to the Camera Upload settings screen.

Another way to get to the Camera Upload screen is to open the settings from the bottom menu and then select the camera upload option.

On the Camera Upload screen, you first get a switch for setting whether your photos will be automatically uploaded to your Dropbox. Enable this switch and your pictures are automatically uploaded to Dropbox whenever your smartphone's battery is nearly full and it is connected to a wireless network.

Once you've enabled the pictures auto-upload, a new switch is displayed, that lets you select whether photos will also be uploaded each time the Dropbox app is opened.

The final option you can configure is whether you want photos to be uploaded even when you're using a cellular Internet connection, instead of a wireless connection.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should keep in mind that the Camera Upload feature of the Dropbox app for Windows Phone will not upload any of your videos. It only works for photos you take with your smartphone.

Where Are My Auto-Uploaded Pictures Stored On Dropbox?

If you enabled the automatic upload for your pictures, you will notice that your Dropbox includes a new folder, called Camera Uploads.

The Camera Uploads folder is the place where all the pictures that were automatically uploaded from your Windows Phone are stored.


If you like Dropbox, you can use it as a backup location for all the photos you shoot with your smartphone's camera. However, its main disadvantage is that it doesn't automatically upload any of your video files. Knowing this, which backup service would you prefer for your Windows Phone: Dropbox or OneDrive?