How to Access & Manage Your Favorites in the Internet Explorer App

When browsing the web, chances are that you will encounter articles or websites that you would like to get back to later. That's why it makes sense to bookmark them or save them to your list of Favorites. In Internet Explorer, bookmarks are called Favorites. In this article, we will share how to access your Favorites, how to organize them and how to edit them, using the Internet Explorer app in Windows 8.1.

How to Access Your Favorites in the Internet Explorer App?

To open the list of Favorites, open the Internet Explorer app in Windows 8.1 and click or tap the little star button named Favorites.

If you need an introduction about the Internet Explorer app and how to work with it, please read this article: How to Browse the Web With the Internet Explorer 11 App in Windows 8.1.

By default, the Favorites section will display All your favorites which are placed in the Favorites Bar folder.

However, if you have saved any pages as your favorites or have created folders with your Favorites, you will find all of them all listed using tiles for each folder or favorite web page.

You can open a favorite web page or a favorite folder by clicking or tapping its tile.

To jump through your Favorites folders and subfolders, click or tap the Favorites link in the top left corner of the Favorites section.

A drop-down list is shown, where you can find all your favorite folders and subfolders. To jump to a folder, simply press on its name.

How to Add a Page to Your Favorites?

Bookmarking a web page is simple and intuitive in the Internet Explorer app for Windows 8.1. To add a page to your favorites, first load it in a tab. Then, click or tap the Favorites button.

Next, click or tap the "Add to favorites" button.

A small form is shown where you can set how this entry is saved into your list of favorites.

You can change the title of the favorite page or leave the default that is provided. Then, you can change the icon used to store its entry.To navigate through the available icons, click or tap the Back and Forward buttons. Please note that some websites will offer only one icon that can be used when bookmarking them so you won't see these buttons.

After you have decided which title and icon you want to use for the bookmarked page, you have to choose the folder where the bookmark is stored. By default, the selected folder is the current folder opened in the list of Favorites. To choose another folder, click or tap the corresponding box to show a list with other available folders.

Click or tap the name of the folder that you want to contain your new bookmark.

If you want to put the bookmark in a new folder, read the next section to learn how to create new folders.

Once everything is set just the way you want to, click or tap the Add button.

Now you can find your new favorite web page in the list of Favorites.

How to Create a New Folder with Favorites?

Creating a new folder with favorite websites and pages is somewhat similar to adding a page to an existing favorites folder.

Start by opening your list of Favorites and then click or tap the "Add to favorites" button.

Then, click or tap the New folder button.

A two step form is shown. First you have to type a name for the new folder in the first text box.

Then, choose the parent folder where you want to place the newly created folder. By default, Internet Explorer select the folder you last opened from your list of Favorites. To change it, click or tap the corresponding box to see a list with all your choices.

Click or tap the parent folder you want to use.

Finally, click or tap Create to finish creating the new Favorites folder.

How to Edit or Remove a Favorites Folder or Page?

Editing a Favorite web page or folder is somewhat similar to creating favorites.

To edit a favorite web page or folder, open your list of favorites and find the item you want to edit. Then, press and hold (or right-click) its tile to open a contextual menu.

Click or tap Edit.

Its entry is now editable and you can change the name and folder (or parent folder in the case of subfolders). When you are finished editing, click or tap Save to apply your the changes or press anywhere outside the form to close it and cancel the editing process.

If you want to edit a favorites folder, in the corresponding form you will be able to rename the folder and select the parent folder for the current folder.

To remove a web page or folder from the list of Favorites, press and hold (or right-click) its tile to open the contextual menu, then click or tap Remove.

When you remove a folder with favorites, you are asked to confirm the removal process. When that happens, press Delete.

The selected web page or folder is now removed from your list of Favorites.


Bookmarking the pages and websites you find interesting or useful will help you access them much faster the next time you need them. Therefore don't hesitate to create your own folders and entries with favorite websites and web pages. If you have any questions about using this feature of the Internet Explorer app in Windows 8.1, don't hesitate to ask using the comments form below.